Extramarital Affairs: David Petraeus’ Resigns As CIA Head

Gen. David Petraeus

David Petraeus the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States has resigned his appointment after citing his unfaithfulness to his wife by engaging in extramarital affairs as reasons.

If Petraeus were a Nigerian and head of a highly sensitive federal government agency, would he resign his appointment over his unfaithfulness to his wife?

The question becomes pertinent in face of glaring allegations of monumental corruption levelled against high ranking Nigerian government officials, but they stay put! One might say allegations are nothing until proven otherwise but then, doesn’t allegations against one or two persons in government circles question their integrity and moral right to occupy those positions? The conduct of officials should be seen at all times to be impeccable and above board.

Petraeus could have remained as CIA Director if he wanted to but he chose the most noble and honorable thing to do, resign!

His records and achievements as a military officer were attested to by the US president, Barack Obama while accepting his resignation. He described Petraeus as one of the best things to happen to the US intelligence and commended him for his contributions.

David has been married for 37 years, the same number of years that he has served in the US Army. He became the civilian head of the highly sensitive CIA organization in 2011.

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