Femi Fani Kayode Calls Obama The Anti-Christ, Gives His Reasons

With Anti-Christ tendencies, can Barack Obama be trusted? Written by Femi Fani-Kayode

The American Presidential election will take place in a few days time and frankly some questions still need to be answered. I wish that Governor Mitt Romney had put one of those questions particularly to President Barrack Hussein Obama during their last Presidential debate, which was on foreign policy. Permit me to put that question here and it is as follows. Why did the President bow so low before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah four years ago during his first state visit to the Arab Gulf state and why did he feel the need to almost touch his toes with his forehead when he did so. It is a matter of historical record that no American President in the last 200 years has ever bowed so low before any foreign leader, Prime Minister, Head of State, President or monarch. It appears to me to be rather strange that Obama, on his first trip to the Middle East as President of the most powerful country on the planet, should literally prostrate before an Arab King whose country has an abominable record on human rights, civil liberties, the rights of women and religious minorities and where the system of government is a totalitarian and absolute monarchy. Luckily a picture was taken of that celebrated event and that picture really does tell us something about the American President’s mindset. Yet it does not stop there.

On that same trip four years ago, after leaving Saudi Arabia, Obama toured the greater part of the Middle East and Egypt and in speech after speech he apologised to the Arabs for American policy in the Middle East over the previous 50 years. He did this despite the fact that in most of those countries Christians, shia Muslims and ethnic minorities have no rights at all and even though they have been killed, persecuted and suppressed for many decades. Again he did this even though none of those countries were democracies and even though all of them, except for two, have refused to acknowledge the right of the Jewish State of Israel to even exist. This left a bad taste in the mouth of many at the time and the question that came to my mind was whether the ”Hussein” was coming out of the ”Barrack Hussein Obama” more than the ”Barrack” itself was. Yet whatever anyone may feel about the issue of his touching his toes with his head and his bowing before the Saudi king, as far as I am concerned, President Obama is not what he appears to be. There is far more to him than meets the eye. A couple more questions will suffice to illustrate this point.

Why is it that each time Barrack Obama is about to submit himself for a Presidential election and seek a mandate from his people there is a raging, monumental, earth-shattering and record-breaking freak of a storm, which kills numerous people in America? It happened a few days before his Presidential election in 2008 and it has just happened again a few days before his Presidential election in 2012. Again why is it that on the first day of the convention of the opposition Republican party, both in 2008 and again this year, yet another violent and dangerous killer storm hit the towns in which the two conventions were held causing them both to be partially disrupted? What is Obama’s relationship with the elemental forces? What is his relationship with God or some lesser deity? What is his source of power and what is his spiritual foundation? There is no doubt that he is a powerful orator and that he delivers brilliant speeches that mesmerises his audience. Yet so did Adolf Hitler and we all know what he was.

I ask these questions because President Obama has supported every anti-Christian and anti-faith policy that the American permissive state has thrown up and endorsed in recent years. The violation and literal denunciation of these religious core values, in my view, betrays the unfolding of an illicit, dark, sinister and subterranean anti-Christ agenda, which must be rejected by all true men and women of faith. They must be renounced by every Christian, every Jew and every Muslim and indeed all those that truly espouse the noble values and virtues of any of the three Abrahamic faiths. They must be rejected by all those that believe in the supremacy and efficacy of a monotheic God whose core values and holistic principles and standards are worthy of emulation and of being respected and cherished.

There are many examples of these gross violations of our core religious values but permit me to share just four of them with you here. Firstly, President Obama has endorsed a woman’s right to have an abortion and he has publically denounced ”the right to life” of unborn babies. Secondly, he has endorsed same-sex marriages. Thirdly, he has consistently supported homosexuality and the rights of homosexuals and lesbians. And fourthly, and perhaps the most disturbing of all, he has endorsed the right of same-sex couples to adopt and raise children. Quite apart from these four, Obama has also endorsed all manner of social perversions and deviant behaviour in the name of humanism, ”new age” liberalism and the permissive American state. No true believer or person of faith can possibly accept such practices, endorse such values and still stand right before God.

To put the icing on the cake, let me make one more point. Rev. Jene Robinson, a vocal and practising homosexual, whose ordination as a Bishop split the Anglican Church in America into two, was specially selected by Obama to deliver the invocation of the name of God and prayers at the beginning of the inaugural weekend of his inauguration ceremony as President in 2008. What message was Obama trying to send to America and to the world by insisting on this?

Outside of the area of social and religious values President Obama has also failed in the area of foreign and domestic policy. A few examples will suffice. The unprecedented number of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has led to record highs in the number of  deaths of innocent Muslim civilians, women and children in both countries. The alienation of Pakistan and Afghanistan as key allies in the war against terror. The destabilisation of north Africa and the opening of the door for Islamic insurgents in the north African Arab Sahel states and the west African sub-region. The display of weakness and procrastination before Iran and it’s covert agenda to build a nuclear bomb. The display of double standards in the State of Bahrain and the over-pampering of the Arab Gulf states. The sheer mess that has been created in Syria and the indecision and procrastination of the Obama administration who have abandoned the opposition forces in that country even as thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered by Assad’s brutal regime. The insincerity of purpose and sheer coldness being displayed towards Israel and the indifference to her dangerous and existential plight. The disdain and contempt shown to all people of faith, the evangelical movement, the Christian far-right and the vision of the old Pilgrim Fathers that founded the great country that is known as the United States of America.

The removal of the words “God” and “Israel” from the Democratic Party Convention. The disastrous handling of the American economy that has acquired a five trillion dollar deficit in the last four years. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Mali and Nigeria due to a shortsighted and reckless policy in Libya. The taking of power by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the rise in power of Al Shabbad in Somalia and East Africa. The inexplicable refusal to declare Boko Haram (the Islamic terror group that is bombing and killing thousands in northern Nigeria) as a terrorist organisation. The gradual turning of America into a quasi- welfarist state where ”big government” reigns and in which the traditional engine room of growth that is known as the American middle class is being systematically weakened and destroyed. The desecration of the traditional family unit and good old fashioned Christian values by the adoption of strange and liberal “new age” practices, values and philosophies. The inability to protect the lives of American diplomats living abroad and the lack of firm reprisals after the killing of the American Ambassador and other Americans by terrorists in Libya. The massive foreign debt that America has acquired in the last four years. The huge quantum of cash that America is now owing China. The fact that fuel prices have doubled in America in the last four years. The fact that trade and aid to the African continent has dropped to an all-time low under Obama’s government and that historically it is only under Republican administrations that Africa is treated with any real compassion and equity in terms of economic policy. The fact that more money and concrete support was pumped into Africa and African causes by President George W. Bush than any other President in American history and that President Obama has literally reversed all that in the last four years. The fact that Obama’s refusal to tap into, make use of and mine the fossil fuels, coal and massive oil and gas reserves that reside in American territory which has led to an unhealthy and expensive dependence on foreign oil and a dangerous interest in the affairs of oil-producing nations. The fact that the American military has been subjected to serious cutbacks and that some of those cut backs have affected the morale of the Armed Forces. The list goes on and on. These are just some of Obama’s disastrous legacies and sadly the mistakes he has made in his foreign policy in north Africa particularly impacts on us directly in Nigeria and in west Africa. Let me give you just one example of that. Had it not been for the fall-out of the mess in Libya and the brutal way in which Muammar Ghadaffi, the Libyan leader, was murdered in cold blood one year ago, his Taureg friends and allies in north Africa would not have been inspired and driven to take over northern Mali and create a Taliban-style Islamic fundamentalist state there and northern Nigeria would not have been flooded with jihadist foot-soldiers and all manner of sophisticated arms and bombing devices for usage by Boko Haram.

With Obama all we see and hear are beautiful and inspirational speeches, a good deal of doublespeak, a failed economic policy and a weak, dangerous and thoroughly uninspiring foreign policy. Worst still all we see in Obama’s African policy is unpredictability, chaos, the appeasement of terrorists and utter confusion. Given this I cannot come to any other conclusion than the fact that President Barrack Hussein Obama cannot be trusted with America or indeed the world for the next four years. In my view he is a very mysterious, strange and complex man and sadly he has proved to be a thoroughly disappointing President. Consequently my prayer is that Governor Mitt Romney defeats him in the Presidential election, which will hold in a few days time. If he does not, I fear that the much-predicted “beginning of the end” of America as a world economic power may have just begun. With China on the rise, Russia waxing strong, Brazil, India and Japan flexing their muscles and the European Union finally beginning to take shape and find her feet, in the next twenty years the world will be a very different place and America may no longer be “prima inter pares” (the first amongst equals). Only Romney can stop that downward trend. I am aware of the fact that, given Obama’s ancestry, this may not be a popular position to take amongst those of us that are people of colour and that are Africans but nevertheless it is still my position. I may be wrong but at least I have provided some food for thought.

Finally let us remember President Obama’s health policy. This can be framed as follows- ”President Obama Vs Revelations 13:15-18”. The US Senate has passed the Obama HealthCare’ bill into law. The implementation would commence on 23/03/ 2013.This bill would require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip in order to access medical care. The device will be implanted on the forehead or on the arm. This is to fulfill the prophesy in the Book of Revelation 13:15-18 concerning the MARK OF THE BEAST! Anyone that has ears should listen.

God bless America.


      • hey i doubt if u are a christian,did u even read the article at all,lets stop being prejudiced and biased,learn to accept the truth whenever u see it,i beleive u would have licked his foot if u were d 1.Thumbs up Kayode,God bless people like u

      • I have never seen a daft like you.you think and talk like a very very carnal illiterate fool.i am sure you have not read this article well.it is not every king that is born king,some so called kings make themselves kings for reasons best known to them,fani kayode is very correct and I am glad it’s coming from a well placed Nigerian.go and do ur research well before you open you dirty mouth

    • This article by fani kayode is absolute rubbish. The allegations are ridiculous and laughable. Blaming Obama for natural disasters? The budget deficit which he inherited from Bush? Gay rights which the american people and democratic party approve of? Bowing before the saudi monarch(as a yoruba man fani kayode should have nothing against this) libyan crisis(was it caused by obama) syrian crisis(what do you expect america to do? Attack assad?) And a host of other dumb accusations and allegations against obama that border on the ludicrous. Fani kayode I’m disappointed in your arguments and reasoning. Thought you were an intellectual…Support Mitt romney? A mormon? And you call obama anti christ? Do you know what mormornism is? You must be a moron to write such garbage, unless you were sponsored to do so…

  1. I strongly stand with what mr femi said,church of satan is been Practise in every nook and cranies in nigeria,signifying,THERE iIS NO TIME.endtime.Are you prepared for d 2nd coming of d mosthigh?America is d great city of babylon dat wil b destroyed in d book of revelation….. BE WARNED

  2. Jesus! Mr. Kayode, are you sane? What diabolical albeit outlandish and childish questions are you asking? Questions you believe Mitt Romney should have asked? Are you serious? Lord have mercy! Thank goodness those politicians do not have such a petty mind that would have spelt their own doom in their chosen career. Can you imagine the destructive impact of asking such questions if Mitt Romney was to reason along this foolish line? Questions of motives would have trailed him to his death and the Tea Party ultra-right wing motives would have ended up being his undoing factor. Just one point to help you Mr. Kayode: Barrack Obama is different from other aristocratic Presidents before him who, in a large part, were born with silver spoons in their mouth. Obama knows what traditional and human values portend. Respect for elders is one characteristic of human values. Bowing respectfully before the King of Saudi Arabia and Emperor Akihito of Japan is just one distinguishing factor that makes Obama. It did not stop him from asserting America’s superiority in global politics as he went on to show in very many competent decisions. My next book “Africa’s Diabolical Entrapment” will explain why people like you with the misplaced understanding of the Christian religion and misuse of superstititous African traditional beliefs are the true enemies of Africa’s progress. What a pity!

    • Its sad that even someone with Fani-Kayode`s education would say irresponsible statements expected of an ignorant redneck. I frankly don`t know where to start.
      1. The RFID chip comment is straight out false. He obviously got it from a conspiracy website. A simple check of the actual law that was passed HR3200 would confirm that. Do ur homework before you publish lies and try to explain biblical prophesy based on an untrue statement.

      2. On Jan 2005, 2005 at GW Bush`s inaugural ceremony. The Invocation was by Rev. Luis León – Episcopalian, the rector St. John’s Episcopal Church, a fervent supporter of Gay rights. Both of these me belong to a demonination that constitutionally has support for same sex couples. Does knowing this make George Bush a mini anti-christ?

      3. I find it amusing that for some reason not liking Obama makes people willing to lower the same christian standards by which they reject him. Here you resort to the same silliness….. you insinuate he`s tolerant to islam (Sunni islam) based on his speeches in egypt, and that is bad in your opinion, yet you ask that christians, jews, and moslems rise in defense of their common core reigious values. This kind of inconsistency reminds me of the consservative christian movement in the US suddenly being happy with Mormonism (as if they would have done the same if Obama was a Black Mormon).

      I could go on and on,but it`s not worth it. Mr Femi Fani Kayode, your arguments and hollow, both from a secular and a scripture-based christian standpoint.

      • Nduka, believe me I was stunned reading an article of this sort. I couldn’t imagine any educated person would be so badly informed and misplace facts this badly. I had to stop reading the bunch of nonsense that will stand no single reasonable fact-check halfway down. Talking of economic disposition and the impending loss of America’s global leadership position in Economy and the ascendance of China, Russia, Brazil and India, the reader is simply up against a writer who seems to have lost track of where Obama picked the American economy from and the progress reflected in valid scientific indices. This is an article that should ordinarily have been better countered with another more reasonable article to put the facts in perspective. It’s saddening to realize that this was written by a former Nigerian Minister.

      • Thanks for taking time to debunk these kies coming from a psychophat with a corrupt and shady pasts in goverment. At times it makes me wonder why supposedly educated people can belied but write out right lies. Mr FEMI FANI KAYODE you are a disgrace!!!

    • Good point Frisky Larr.You should know that Fani Kayode could not have done any better than his grouse about Obama’s bow to elders – having spent his formative years in Oyibo land,he had missed out completely on the traditional African respect for elders.Now that the election result is out – a 60/40 trouncing of his candidate- one should just congratulate the Americans for making a better choice.Obama is not likely to open up another war ground for them in the next four years – and this is exactly what led to the one trillion debt pile – up in the Republicans’ years of the locust.

    • iI beleive u are d 1 dat is not sane,did u even read d article at all and even try to find out how true they are.It is a pity that people like u with all their grammar cannot get rid of prejudice.Please let us learn to call a spade a spade wherever we see it and stop being blind to the truth

        • Someone should pls dispossess fani and ehis of their computers,they are spewing reckless and misinforming garbage that is fit only for the earliest part of the 12th century,pls note that fani was a minister by accident otherwise what has he been after then if not pitching tents with the likes of okupe whilst his contemporaries like frank nweke are waxing stronger,he has become a gossip and beer parlor writer. Let me ask if after all his English education he does not know that all human societies are meant to accommodate both their faithful and faithless citizens and that you don’t use the bible or quran to determine how people who don’t believe god will live their lives and that the right to be irreligious is guaranteed by the constitutions of most of the 21st century countries.

  3. I only agree to one aspects,d brutal killing of Ghadafi aside dat he is just dueling on issues dat are not ours .Kneeling and kissing d foot of a king those not make him an anti-Christ which I don’t believe in anyway .Fanny Kayode should look at himself very well b4 talking of others. He has a questionable history when was in government he should please return his“ LOOTS”.

  4. Mr Femi or wot u call urself, if ur father “Fani Kayode” still alive, am very sure if he chance he will vote 4 Obama 10x. Idiot, if u dnt av somethn gud 2 say abt Obama (ur co black race) shut ur dirty mouth…

  5. Ur also an anti christ u nd ur foolish old master obasanjo, how many disersters dat happed witn ur period as the aviation minister in nigeria u tend to easely forget. Can u tell the public how many died in the acident dat happnd when pDp staged election ralies in Nigeria. Ur also an ati christ 4nt having faith in God dat all the horicanes are made by God nd nt humans. Fool think heard nd beg God 4 forgiveness 4 ur own sins rather than pointing fingers at othrs.

  6. Its a shame that mr. fani kayode is talking about America and Obama,when we have big issues in Nigeria that needs addressing,i refuse to read this article,as for Obama being anti-christ,well i reserve my comments,but amazingly you and i wont even be able to identify the anti christ that easily,sometime ago they said it was the pope,today they say its obama,who knows maybe Fani kayode could be the anti christ.From Bible description of the anti christ,its certainly not Obama.Lets solve our problems,there is so much to learn from the way politics and elections are done in America,lets learn and change and stop talking bout other peoples matters when we have too many issues,see how hurricane sandy victims are treated and how funds are raised to help the victims,since we had flood jonathan in nigeria,nothing has been done to help them,we need to learn.

  7. I can’t believe the nonsense these people come up with… To every man his own, worry about ur relationship with GOD and not what the next man is doing that is my belief, OBAMA is doing what it takes to reduce the number of enemies the United States have as some of us know is a lot, if we have to reach this by reaching out to the Arabs/ Middle East, what harm is in that?

  8. fani kayode u r an idiot and imbecile, waz ur biznez wit america (Obama) bowed or prostratd for d saudi arabia king? instead of u to write somethin positive on hw nigeria can move forward or to criticise our corrupt leaders, u r busy writing jagons. Obama suppose to sue u for calling him anti-christ. dnt u knw dat u ve tarnished his name? anyway u jst write to create awarenes n make fame to urself abi. u b religion fanatics. dis hw u guyz start to create trouble in d country. rubbish!!! let me go take ma fura da nunu joooor

  9. I believe that blindness is not only not having a clear sight, but also rigidity of ming………(Not having the ability to read, digest, think before responding).
    Instead of issuing abusive statements to Mr. Femi Fani Kayode, I will advice you weigh out his views before saying yours.
    Go back to the beginning and see what was done that brought all those good reports and check what is being done currently against the results surfacing.
    Stop being sentimental, I’m not a fan of Mr. Fani Kayode, or supporting his views, but think about it before saying your own

  10. I am not surprise this is coming from Fani Kayode, this shit he wrote can only be good for his children not for Nigerian talk-less of American who are more discerning than him. Tell Fani to shut-up, he should write about Obasanjo and corruption before, during and after govt. Fani I can see you are seeking attention, how I wish we can meet so as to address your baseless facts and claims one by one. You are not the only one with internet facility and also not the only one who has been to America. May I use this opportunity to congratulate Barak Obama on his victory at the pool for a second term.

  11. When you have looted too much money than you can spend in a lifetime, nothing to occupy you on how to survive from day to day, the effect is to engage in fantasy and hallucination,FFK you need to engage in community service if you are idle and have nothing to do.

  12. When you have looted too much money than you can spend in a lifetime, nothing to occupy you on how to survive from day to day, the effect is to engage in fantasy and hallucination,FFK you need to engage in community service if you are idle and have nothing to do.I wonder how you can be busy and be able to compile all this.

  13. I’m not too surprised at Femi Fani – Kayode’s comments on Obama, “if one engages in too much talk he will talk rubbish”. He has just done one of the things he knows how to do best. Femi now wants to act holy when he has an ”unfinished business” with the ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (EFCC). His views has now made me see him from a new perspective – a bigot ! That is why Mitt Romney will not tow his irrational line of thinking to engage Obama on why he had to bow to the Saudi Monarch. It is even very appalling for him to have superstitiously linked the natural disasters that affected the US in the past and recently to Obama, I would have expected him to hinge the blame of the flood disaster in some parts of Nigeria on him as well to complete his (Femi) frivolous pen – on – paper exercise. Idleness!

  14. Hey listen very carefully if u care! There is no need joining issue here with all of you that had made nonsense and spiritually myopic statements against F.F Kayode. If u people have common spiritual sense, u should have known that before d time of obama, no AMERICAN government had supported most of this policies which OBAMA have hold tenaciously to. Since the onset of obama govt, all kinds of evil unheared has escalated as a result of satanic policies championed by his devil minded administration. In d days of noah, God true noah, cautioned d world about d impending destruction which will befall d earth but, most people shrugged and laughed it off. If most of u here that are insulting Fanni Kayode are christiains, u should have red inbetween d lines , comparing it to what is written in d book of REVELATIONS. Please my dear fellow Nigerians, when people air their views publicly, always think critically before crucifying the person. We are already in d ‘end time’, its only those who are true born again christians that understand this. Repent! For d kingdom of God is at hand!!!.


  15. Mr. Femi imagine you been this rational in the issue of good and moral governance. You forgot so soon what was your disposition to the issues of good governance when a had a little shot on governance. we all know how palatable your polices are? Be a good Christian and you will not be afraid of the end time, cos we’re already in it. It not about Mr Obama.

  16. To start with, Islam does not even permit postration in greeting so, if obama did dat mayb he is jst doin it 2 show humbleness. Secondly, d natural disasta u attribute 2 obama seems baseless… wot abt plane crashes year in year out in Nigeria 4rm obj tenure 2 gudluk tenure, wat abt d floodin in Nigeria, d bombin, ar dey also obama’s fault? Although 2 some length, issues of homo sexual n guy marriage he supported ar quite wrong but d way u go abt ur report shows alot of biasness on ur path… on issue of anti-christ, i thought d bible said somtin like”thou shall not judge” u seems 2 b goin against d bible by judgin & callin obama names. Further more, hw many anti-christ ar we expectin cos, many people has already been tagged anti-christ i.e. Pope john, gadafi, adolf itler and d list is endless… y ar u causin confussion in d society. As a man of God, y not limit ur preachin gud moral 2 d young once so dat dey wil not go d way of their leaders and pray 2 God 2 intervene in d affair of d world rada dan criticisin & poke nosing in2 d affairs of d united state wen Nigeria is on fire… u ar even doin campaign 4 romny,haha.. a pastor, ha na wao… even if u wan 2 criticise y nt start 4rm ur backyard… talk abt obj, gudluk clifford orji, rev. king et.c. u av really dissapointed me wit dis ur write up..Hop dis wil nt repeat itsef in future.

  17. Femy or watever u r, u luk responsible, but, u r not. Pls be sincere, cos chritianity is a relegion dat we muslim respected & those habits of urs r not teachings of christianity. U beta say the right words or be quit.

  18. As President Obama was returned to the white house, I thought it wise and timely to immediately reply one of Nigeria’s most renowned ex-convict, Mr Femi – Fani Kayode for calling President Obama “the Anti-christ”.

    But on a second thought, I said to myself, ” why waste your intellectual bullets on a convicted criminal?

    Yes, Why should I make a case for the already convicted to be convicted?

    As I debated in my mind, I was quick to remember that the Bible says in John 10 : 10 that “the thief (Satan the devil, Lucifer, and the anti-christ) cometh but to steal, to kill and to destroy, but I(Christ) have come to give you life more abundantly”.

    Mr Femi was Aviation Minister under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from 7th November 2006 to 29th May 2007. He was investigated and arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in July 2008 in connection with the alleged misappropriation of a 19.5 billion naira (approx.US$300,000,000) “Aviation Intervention Fund”, and consequently, the Senate Committee on Aviation in early 2008, investigating the allegations of misappropriation of the same Aviation Intervention Fund, initially recommended that Fani-Kayode be banned from holding public office for five years.
    In June 2007 he was reported to have had an affair with one of his former aides, Miss Chioma Anasoh who was arrested by Nigerian customs agents on suspicion of attempting to illegally launder US$240,000 via Abuja airport.
    Fani-Kayode allegedly arrived at the scene and facilitated her release.

    In 2008, the EFCC re-arraigned him on a 47-count charge of money laundering before a Federal High Court and accused of laundering various sums of money totaling N230 million through some of his aides, his wife, Regina Fani-Kayode and daughter, Remilekun between August 2006 and March 2007.

    All these corruption and others I have decided not to mention contributed to the death of Aviation sector and also helped destroy the institution to the crash station with flying coffins it is today.

    Yet, Barr. Kayode stands up without shame to call a man who helped savaged the world greatest economy during the economic meltdown that wrecked the economies of many nations “the Anti-christ”.

    Because of Mr Femi and his co-travellers in the PDP and the Aviation sector, Nigeria holds one of the highest number of death through plane crashes in the world.

    Now I am forced to ask, who is really the Anti-christ? The president of the United state of America or Mr Femi-Fani Kayode?

    Just asking……..

  19. Hahahaha I dey laugh! Infact obama has won, romney congratulates him, Femi u can go to court and challenge the election resul. Haahahaha. Femi u are the type that always bring religious sentiment God will soon expose U. All the loots u made and u are calling obama anti crist. A president that never smell the amount of loots u did from ur country. Pls this will not give u any favour. Write on your country…anyway let me not west my time like u did.

  20. Mr femi has the eyes of a prophet, he spoke correctly concerning the rulership of Obama. Am very sure he reads n understands his bible, but the only misinterpretation is the natural disasters tht he linked with Obama. That’s where he got it all wrong, Natural disasters is listed in the bible as one of the signs tht will mark the last days. Mr femi also fails to knw tht there’ll be no world power including those rising countries like China, Japan, etc will never succeed America. The bible says through Daniels visions that the last world power depicted by the IMAGE in Daniels dream will become very weak. America is and wud be the only n last world power on earth before God finally destroys the world and replace it with his kingdom.Daniel 2:44, Matt 6:9,10. As for wht Gods kingdom will do on earth, see Rev 21:3,4

  21. If Femi Fani Kayode (idiot) indeed wrote this, he should be awarded “the most foolish person of the year” why is he so concerned about US or world politics when the government in which he’s a part of can’t boast of a single achievement? Why can’t he focus his useless pen on political happenings in Nigeria and contribute to making Nigeria a rising giant like China?

  22. There is one thing that would always linger in the lives of Nigerians and that is “belief in superstition” and that has sunken deep in the elements of our creation such that no level of education or enlightenment would rid us of it and even the seemingly most educated and informed/influential Nigerians continue to leave under its spell . I have been out of Nigeria for a while and believe me it’s so much of a relief not hearing of those dumb ideas about disasters.
    When the bible talks of the end-time, anti-christ and all other issues on the table here, does say in any way that humans can change it even if it’s time??? Let all prophecies run their course people.
    Mr. Femi, you have bitten more than you can chew on this issue, and I cote from your lines: “I am aware of the fact that, given Obama’s ancestry, this may not be a popular position to take amongst those of us that are people of colour and that are Africans but nevertheless it is still my position”. This statement I suppose should tell everyone who is black that you have insulted the black race and that you are not worthy of being one. We have all been created equal but some got lucky first in discovering life’s goodness, that we came last in discoveries and are still struggling to find ourselves does not mean we don’t have a place in this world.
    America couldn’t have been what it is today if she had listened to people of your kind and this gives her the power to rule over you and your likes.
    You seem to have a good command of the english language and I wish you could use that to deal with our leaders, instead of trying to gain recognition. I feel you wish you were American so you could help tell them how to be corrupt. Shame on you Man.
    Frisky Larr and Nduka, thumbs up for those lines, we need your type in this country for things to get better, it amazing to see you standing up to this issue. This country must change no matter how long it takes.

    God Bless Nigeria!!!