For Men: For God’s Sakes, Get Rid Of Those Tattered Undies

Have you noticed men hardly talk about underwear as if it’s not important? They say the first thing you put on your body in the morning will affect how you feel throughout the day, and if you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing, it will show. Why not start by making sure you feel good about the very first thing you will probably put on in the morning?

Your underwear is the closest to your body out of everything you put on. It should be comfortable and of high quality. Why would you put on tattered boxers for heaven’s sake? I promise you, it will only remind you of a homeless man you once met.

Imagine having to remove your trouser in public when putting this on

The great thing about undergarments is that they are not expensive. So, except you are so poor you hardly eat, there’s no reason not to get rid of those ratty old ones will holes all over them, and get a new set once a year.

I once heard someone say it’s okay not to wear any underwear at all. Why would you just freeball? It’s never the right answer.

If you’ve agreed with me that freeballing is bad, just know that no matter the kind of underwear you choose to wrap your set of twin in, it should always be 100% cotton. The reasons are not far-fetched; it breathes better, it’s also more comfortable, and it’s easier to wash. Some underwear might have a little bit of spandex or Lycra to give it a stretch, but make sure it’s kept at a minimum. Too much spandex or Lycra in your underwear will keep you burning under.

I have nothing against those who wear tighty-whitie briefs though, but imagine a grown man walking around in those briefs; ladies say it’s libido-deflating. You may need to pack the family jewels well if you’re working out or playing sports to safeguard them and ensure they don’t stroll out to see what’s happening on the street, but that might be the only time it’s appropriate to don them.

My recommendation is a nice boxer brief. They provide excellent coverage and keep everything nicely in place. More so, they look sexy on almost everyone except the obese.

Colours should be solid and subdued. No one wants to see your wardrobe creativity on your underwear. Don’t you dare wear theme underwear; SpongeBob SquarePants, Spider Man, Ben 10; come on man, you are not 10! If you have them, please get rid of them ASAP.

Imagine you had an accident (God forbid) and you needed to be stretchered off the accident scene in your underwear… yes, it won’t be nice for sympathisers, and those gorgeous women who walk past you in the hospital hall as you were being stretchered in to see those tattered, sorry-looking boxers on you, or for you brief-lovers, the blood-stained tightie-whitie brief.

Your underwear is equally important. Don’t spend all your money on nice clothes and quality shoes while what you have underneath looks pathetic.


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