For Men: The Shoe Ethics You Must Know To Look Appealing

Shoes are very integral to a man’s dressing. Your good shoe creates a good image for you, especially when you are in the midst of those who know good shoes.

Well, they say your shoes are the first thing a lady notices on you. I used to think they just check for quality, but ladies say it’s more than just that; a man’s shoe size gives them an insight into what the size of the man’s male organ could be, they say. All the same, they definitely notice the shoe and can tell its quality.

Here are some shoes a young man shouldn’t be caught dead wearing, plus some shoe ethics we all should know.

– When shopping for a shoe, try shoes on later in the day, because your feet tend to expand as the day goes on. Don’t listen to the salesgirl who tells you, “Don’t worry if they’re not comfortable now! They’ll break in.” She just wants to sell. The truth is shoes should feel comfortable when you try them on. If they are not comfortable when you buy them, magic won’t change them to be later.

– Thick chunky sandals: They don’t look good on anyone. Please, run from them.

– Wearing socks with flip-flops, or slippers as you may call them. Come on! That’s way too off. Never wear socks with flip-flops.

– Anything Orthopedic-looking. Now, if your shoe make it seem as if you have polio, it’s probably not the right look, unless you actually do have polio. Beware of those shoes.

– Backless Shoes, Half-shoes, or Man mule. Always the wrong answer. A young man wearing those can’t help looking like a jackass.

– Shoes in Bright colours. Imagine putting on orange shoes… yes, you are right; you’ll look like an ass. Or an elf. Save the coloured shoes for the clowns, except you are planning on being a Christmas pageant.

Finally, never go sockless. Of course there are times when you can on casual outings wearing loafers, but it is totally unacceptable to wear shoes without socks for any official outing. If I may say, NEVER go sockless if you’re wearing a suit.

However, if you need to go sockless use powder in your shoes to avoid your sweaty feet smelling like a cheese factory. You know it’s not appealing.