Girl Drugged And Defiled By Man She Met On Facebook

She claims she met the man on Facebook and both arranged for a friendly date after one month of lovey dovey inbox messages.
The man picked her up in a Range rover car and drove to upmarket westlands for a drink. She decided to have red bull since that was their first time of meeting and didn’t want to leave a bad impression.
During their date, she excused herself and went to the loo, that was when the man drugged the red bull she was drinking.
The girl only remembers being drowsy and someone dragging her to the car. She was half awake but still weak when the man together with other assailants raped her repeatedly. She lost count of the number of times she was raped.
She only came back to her senses when good samaritans found her in Umoja 2, Kenya in a very bad state.
The girl said her vagina was sore and couldn’t walk properly.
She warns females to be very careful about the male friends they meet on Facebook as not all of them have good intentions.


  1. She’s a complete stupid girl.A disgrace to womanhood…atleast she’s alive to relate the love story to easy virtue and senseless fellow like her who do not like to learn.useless bush goat.i no dey pity them

  2. The saint judge within themselves how stupid d devil was to fall a victim to such a nasty event. Forgeting that we are in the world of the good and bad. We only need to be careful not to fall victim but to them that has fall already we sympathize and not mock them, for no one knows tomorrow.

  3. It Is Well with you,u ladies not all men that propose to u that u av to accept,Imagine I ask a lady on Facebook if we can be frnd,she accepted after a week she said she want to come to my house,just to cut it short I scared,because we al no wat is goin on in d world now,likewise guys dat claim to be wise God wil help una

  4. Honestly u all ladies just need to have enuogh hope to keep ur hrt lookin 4ward to only one man. Stop following me here & dere Haba…… Has she nt be reading LFI of others dat have fall a victim, LFI means Learning From Incident.

  5. Blessing God bless u with ur statement, some ppl are immature d way dey talk dis can happen to anybody is God can protect us 4rm danger, insteady of condemning d girl pray with her & others. Stop jugding ppl he can be u or ur sister…

  6. People should be more sympathetic towards others. This could have been your sister or daughter. Don’t judge her, the man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes you can meet good people over the internet sometimes its the opposite. You will never know who you will meet. Only God knows