House Of Reps Ethics Committee Clears Farouk Lawan Of Otedola Accusation

Farouk Lawan (L) & Femi Otedola (R)

The much publicized brick-bat between oil magnate, Femi Otedola and House of Representatives member from Kano state, Hon. Farouk Lawan, has come to a climax at least with the Ethics Committee of the House exonerating its member from bribery allegation levelled by Otedola.

The Nigerian public had followed the media glitz that characterized the quizzing of major oil marketers in wake of the fuel subsidy scam by a House of Representatives ad-hoc committee set up to look into the subsidy regime. The committee headed by the pint sized Farouk Lawan became a hero of sorts as Nigerians saw in him an impeccable man of high integrity and standards.

All that was short-lived as he soon became a villain and labelled a disappointment following his admission that he collected ‘bribe’ from the owner of a major oil company indicted in its probe to strike out its name from the list of those who short changed the Nigerian people via subsidy.

This latest move is not surprising as discerning members of the public had always suspected that the House Committee on Ethics wasn’t going to crucify its own. Meanwhile, both Lawan and Otedola have their case files on the desk of the AGF awaiting the next line of action.


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