Hundreds Arrested In Enugu Following Declaration Of Biafra Republic

Not less than 500 members of the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM) were arrested in Enugu state today, as they declared indepedence from the Nigerian state and raised the Biafran flag. This is even as they marched through the streets of the state capital with the hoisted flag and placards bearing ‘Biafra.’

The group which had first gathered yesterday Sunday, to mark the post humous birthday of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, is comprised of youths and the elderly, especially veterans of the civil war.

Spokesman of the Enugu state command of the Nigeria Police, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the arrests among them, the leader of the movement, Mr. Ben Onwuka.


  • Buh y na? Abeg the igbos shud pls calm down wif dis issue and letz live 2gether. 9ja na our own where una wan run go? Abegi!


    • martin its so shameful to you to called biafra foolish people i dont blame you and your boko haram your brothers i can believe you are among them …who knows where you come from you are so foolish as you said idiot you are

  • @martin, u are a big fool.Worse than an idiot.Who spoilt Nigeria?Biafra would have been a technologically advanced country,but people like u held it down.Its only a matter of time.

  • Signs of a sick nation!
    So there will be no nigeria again
    Whether we like it or not, things have fallen apart and the center can not hold again. I see over 7 countries from the so called Nigeria in few years to come.

  • @charles keep living in fools paradise. Lol. By d way all those saying they shd be allowed to protest & declare a biafra republic must have gone to nite school in d remotest part of igboland, haven’t u ever heard of ‘Treason’? Well go back to school.

    • When idiots like you “silk” with a sick mind talks, its obvious that you don’t even have a sense of reasoning. You can only talk about treason when Igbos say or do something. The genocide bloody northern nigeria is committing is not seen as an issue.
      You are a big fool, if don’t recognise people right of freedom.

    • @silk you are the propal fool indeed i can see why you are blind, deaf and dumb whether you like it or not biafra will surely come to pass stupid of you

  • @matins who is the big fool here in this forum?if not you.sabotua like you,i know if this country divied’s today you will like to join the boko haram if you are not one of them yet.LONG LIVE BIAFRA LONG LIVE THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN.

  • @martins you just showed the world dat u are not schooled nor educated at all. Go ask ur father wat led to the 1967 war because from the way you speak you are a toddler and if you are not i think u are the type of people Adolf hitler had in mind to eradicate you are retarted go pick up books and read or better still ask ur dad if you are not a chip off the old block. I dont expect retarted pple like you to know wat i mean.

  • I summarized the arrest of members of the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM) as an abuse of Democracy by the government officers.

    I will like to advice Mr. President and the leaders on the issue “Abuse of Democracy”. There seems to be a great confusion what the word Democracy means. In spite of the fact that at least in some parts of the world one can hear it from the media every day.

    Democracy means the government by people. That means that all the people should be able to have their say in one way another in everything that affects their lives. This right can either be exercised directly (by every member of a community having the possibility to enter personally, without mediators, his position on a particular issue into the decision making process – modern technology is able to provide this possibility for increasingly larger and larger communities), or through representatives (members of legislative bodies).
    Then if 500 members of the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM) were arrested in Enugu state today as they marched through the streets of the state capital with the hoisted flag and placards bearing ‘Biafra.’What they actually did was a protest and exercise of there right?
    I summarized the arrest of their members as an abuse of Democracy by the government officers and the Citizen or the Movement (BZM) can as well, sued the Government for an abuse of human right under the Democratic system of Government.

  • matins and silk re 2 only 2 fools on this forum..they know nothing and yet they make the loudest noise..look around and see that quite a large number of development in Nija are as all a result of the wise ndi igbos..the royal priests, the holy nations and above all the chosen generations..even if everything is taking away from this group of people, just give them time and they will become bigger and greater again, Becos they have been called blessed! By God and no one can cause them

  • Is there anything wrong in declaration of BIAFRA? The incarceration of 5oo BIAFRANS in ENUGU today is oncalled off, and NIGERIANS INHUMANITY TO BIAFRANS. Nigerian police is only good in violation of human right. But cannot do anything to BOKO HARAM. (Women force) i want to let you know this weather you beleive it or not, these cotraption called nigeria can never remain forever.GOD BLESS FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA AND ALL THOSE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM.

  • Go to hell all igbos!!! Hw r u pple the blessed n holy nation? When all you do is contribute to the downfall of the nation. Nothing good comes frm u pple, always trying to outsmart the genuine ones with good interests, what makes you holy? Is it the fake drugs, incessant killings (money rituals)? The list are are so endless. Give peace a chance else you all will die like chickens!

  • ….were is d peace u guys r talking abt in Nigeria when every day bomb blast here and there and the weak leaders will keep condemning the act wit mouth and not action..our fathers fought for it and now we wants our freedom from this bondage, free those arrested guys or you may be stearing up another w**….

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