Is there any such thing as living ‘the Nigerian Dream?’

Can the phrase “living the dream” be applied to the masses living in Nigeria, or is it an individual or elusive experience?  Normally, I hear that Nigeria as a nation has greatly improved. Its said the EFCC, greater scrutiny of public funds and education for all directives have made some difference. Also for example, many states have had a complete overhall. Lagos state has improved transportation, environmental improvements and personal security. The collection of taxes and governmental accountability is stricter.

What is ‘the dream?’ Let me put into perspective what the general meaning of the phrase is in westernised countries.

Living the American dream, living ‘as a Londoner’  or to  generally ‘live a dream life’ we have all heard. Loosely it means someone is living the stereotypical dream of a certain society.  If you ask the average person a sample will say, it tends to include; a  house, two point four kids, plenty of bills, a few cars in the triple garage and a huge (or non existant) mortgage.  Above all, it normally includes simple responsibility and paying taxes into a system that will step in and provide for your family if your job or business wasn’t there anymore.

Question, Can this type of existance or dream be realised in Nigeria?

By Lola Awofadeju Alli



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