Man Arrested In Bauchi For Removing The Two Eyes Of A 7-year-old

A suspected ritualist, Tukur Adamu,has been arrested by the police in Matari area of Bauchi state for allegedly plucking out the eyes of a seven-year-old neighbour, Augustine Bello.

Speaking in Jos on Monday, spokesman of the victim’s family, Yakubu Bello, said that the suspect committed the offence at Matari village, on the border between Plateau and Bauchi, on 17 October, 2012, at about 5 p.m.

“On the fateful date, the suspect came into the compound of the family of the victim under the pretext of fetching a herbal flower.

“But after fetching the flower, the suspect cajoled the minor into the bush as he was then alone in the compound since his grandmother had gone to the bush to fetch firewood.

“When the grandmother came back from the bush, she could not find the boy in the house.

“A search party was immediately dispatched to look for the minor within the locality, but little Augustine was only traced the following morning with his two eyes removed while his intestines were bulging out from a deep cut,” Bello said.

Yakubu Bello said that the Ward Head of Matari village, Musa Mai-Ungwa, was promptly informed of the incident.

“The traditional ruler directed the family to take the boy to a primary health centre in the village, while the police were invited to the scene,” Bello said.

The spokesman said that Adamu was immediately picked as the suspect who committed the heinous crime because he was the last person that was seen with the boy.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the suspect was still being detained by the police in Bauchi.

A senior police officer, who opted for anonymity, confirmed the incident, and said that investigation had begun on the matter.

“The suspect has made some confessions and we are already trailing one Idris Sale, who the suspect claimed had given them the contract to source the two eyes for some ritual purposes.”


  1. Oh I think the northerners are saints.They claim the Easterners are those that commit all crimes in Nigeria.wait o! Maybe dat man na easterner wey turn to northerner….even all those biggest thieves that stole police pension funds,the faruoks,etc even the Aninis,Shinas,Bankole’s,the Agberos that commits all kinds of social attrocities in lagos etc. Igbos like money they’ll say yet they commit more heinous crimes 4 money.Bunch of HYPOCRITES! Just an observation….

  2. @Micheal Angelo what kind of observation are you making ? You are just being sentimental go and read the ritual prone areas as released by the police earlier today and see if any northern state was mentioned, Honourable observer .


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