Man Loses Gun To ‘Attempted Robbery Victim’, Arrested After Asking For Gun Back

A man who attempted robbery would have escaped if he wasn’t so stupid to go back to the scene of robbery to ask for what he lost to the man who was supposed to be his victim.

A man suspect is in custody in St. Louis, Missouri accused of trying to rob a man, losing his gun to the victim, then returning to the scene of the crime to ask for it back.

KSDK-TV reports that the crime happened early Friday at a bus stop. Police say Lester White approached the victim from behind, put him in a headlock and placed a gun at his back.

According to the police, the victim grabbed the gun and struggled with the suspect. Witnesses helped him wrestle the gun away from White, who ran away.

Police responded to the scene and the gun was recovered. At about that time, White returned and asked the victim for his gun back.

He was arrested on the spot.[AP]