Man On The Run After He Impregnates His Mother For The Second Time

If one time was not bad enough for him to taste the forbidden and sacrilegious fruit, he did it a second time, according to reports.

A man has fled his home in Pote Village, Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe, after allegedly impregnating his mother a second time, according to the British news media. The mother also fled the village.

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Simon Matsvara and his mother Ethel Vhangare decided to leave the village after church members learned of the alleged pregnancy. Just four years ago, the two were reportedly fined by the village elders when Vhangare suffered a miscarriage after getting pregnant from her son.

The village chief, Chinamhora, said that the community was outraged by the allegations and has organized a team to find Matsvara and Vhangare. “We will hunt the two and we will severely punish them sending a clear message to potential offenders that we will not tolerate these acts,” he told the state-run newspaper.

The couple reportedly began their incestuous relationship back in 2008, when asked by the Matsvara family to care for his ailing father, Agripah, who later died. When the mother became pregnant for the first time, they were fined and told to end their relationship. News of the alleged second pregnancy occurred when the mother began to skip church and members visited their home. It was there that they found the mother was five months pregnant, allegedly by her own son.

The two reportedly left their village shortly after the discovery and are believed to be on the run.