Man Who Released In 4-Year-old Girl’s Mouth Gets N1,000 Bail As Punishment

A Zimbabwean man who allegedly had oral sex with a neighbour’s four year-old-daughter was on Monday granted N,1000 (US$62) bail by a magistrate.

Themba Tshuma aged 30 was granted bail on condition that he relocates to Lobatse forsecurity reasons. He will be staying with his grandmother while police awaits amedical report to determine his sanity.

The parents of the man have maintained that the married man allegedly committed the offence with his child’s play mate because he is mentally disturbed.

He was freed after the prosecution told court that they did not have a problem with the accused man granted bail as long as he does not set his feet near the complainant or interfere with police investigations.

“The suspect was previously denied bail because he stays in the same area with the complainant and we were afraid that the angry relatives of the complainant would harm him. Since his parents have promised to relocate him to a village, we don’t have any problem with him being granted bail as long as he avails himself in court when needed,” State Prosecutor Chimbise said.

The Magistrate court also granted Tshuma bail on condition that he pays $62, provide two sureties who are also going to bond themselves with P300 each. She also ordered Tshuma to relocate and not communicate with the complainant and not to commit a similar offence while on bail.

Meanwhile angry parents of the complainant have criticised the court for releasingthe accused man from custody flatly dismissing allegations that Tshuma is insane.