Mom Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery Voucher for Her Eighth Birthday

Sarah(mother) herself is a plastic surgery addict, having spent over £250,000 ($400,000) on altering her own appearance. So according to her, all she’s doing is giving her daughter a chance to be happy with her looks and grow up with confidence. “I’m investing in my child’s future. I’m giving Poppy the freedom to do what she wants,” says Sarah. “That’s what Poppy wants for her birthday.”

So what would do you think ?


  1. if u really luv ur daughter with her age she dosent nid dat y dnt u use d incom for education funds and wait till shes all fully grown up b4 she goes 4 d procedure. presently shes a child and dont nid to linked to issues like dat shes suppose to b thinking of ice creams,crayons cartoons dolls a pet 4 a birthday gift not plastic sugery. pls sarah ur a mum lay a platform for the future of ur daughter or if i consider u to b a HORE! and u want ur daughter to b1 at an early and tender age. xoxo