Nigeria, Spain Trade Volume Hits $8.2bn In 2011

The volume of business between Nigeria and Spain has reached $8.2bn with a higher percentage of it accruing to Nigeria – being the highest exporter of oil and gas to Spain.

Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister: Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru

Nigeria’s export to Spain in 2011 was $8.2bn while Nigeria’s import from same is put at $200million. Although there are high hopes that the volume will increase this year.

Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr Gonzalo de Benito Secades, disclosed  this when he paid a visit to Nigeria’s foreign affairs ministry, as part of his tour of West African countries to strengthen Spain’s bilateral relations with the sub-region.
Secades noted that the bilateral relations between both countries have grown tremendously in the last two years.

“Spain is the forth destination of Nigeria export in the world and 14th among countries exporting to Nigeria with Spanish trade volume placed at two hundred million dollars in the areas of energy, construction, agriculture and others,” Secades said.

Apart from economic ties with Nigeria, the secretary also added that Spain is also cooperating with Nigeria and ECOWAS in the area of security to arrest the situation in Mali, Guinea Bissau and Boko Haram in Nigeria.

According to him, “We are working hard at the EU level to support ECOWAS effort in tackling security challenges at the region and we are ready to contribute to the Military training in Mali.”







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