Nigerian Governors Want Local Governments Scrapped but Don’t Want Geopolitical Zones to Replace States

There is a popular Yoruba saying which talks about how the dog which knows how to breastfeed its own young, also knows how to kill and eat the young of other animals. This analogy perfectly explains the situation of the governors of Nigerian states.

Not only have the governors of the federation, through their umbrella body, Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), vowed to oppose the proposed total autonomy to local governments, they have, in fact, proposed a situation whereby the local governments would be scrapped totally. Therefore, the country will operate a two-tier system of just the federal and state governments; local governments will be completely taken out of the picture.

Meanwhile, the governors too do not want states to be abolished as some people have suggested that geo-political zones as presently constituted should be accorded legal status as federating regions with wide autonomy, and each of the six may decide whether they want local councils or sub-regional structures, and may create them as they wish.

Rather, the governors want the powers in the center to be drastically reduced in order to make them more powerful! How smart!




  1. Governors are so selfish and unpatriotic for the proposal made. Local government is a tier of government closest to the people, thereby has direct influence to the masses. Local government should be given total autonomy for each local government to function well.