Nigerian soldiers are only good for manning checkpoints and loading trucks – Foreign Media

A foreign media outfit, the UK Guardian newspaper, has reported that the image of the Nigerian army may compromise plans to oust Islamists in northern Mali. A senior source in Mali reportedly told the Guardian that the Nigerian army is in such “a shocking state” that it can only be relied upon for “manning checkpoints and loading trucks.”

The source continues: “The Nigerian forces lack training and kit, so they simply don’t have the capability to carry out even basic military manoeuvres. They have poor discipline and support. They are more likely to play a behind-the-scenes role in logistics and providing security.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian military is being relied upon by ECOWAS to lead the onslaught to oust Islamist fighters affiliated to Al-Qaeda who are in control of northern Mali. But an assessment by military experts from the US and EU shows that Nigerian forces lack the basic know-how and discipline to lead the operation.

Now the experts are relying on Malian troops fresh from being trained by the EU to take the leading role in the operation. Also, a spokesperson of the Nigerian military was reported to have admitted that it is under-resourced but claimed that the military had been successful in previous international assignments: “The situation is that Nigeria has the trained personnel, what we require however is additional funding and logistic support. Nigeria has a lot of past experience in successful military and diplomatic interventions on the continent,” the spokesperson, whose name was not mentioned, was quoted as saying.


  1. The research and the assessment might not be wrong. Nigeria joining her military army wit the corrupt bulls (Nigerian Police Force) is likely to reduce the military discipline and the basic know-how. This is true because in no distance time, the soldiers will be highly corrupted. Another reason is not far fetched. It still boils down on corruption in the country whereby the things made for the Nigerian soldiers are been manipulated by the big wigs and higher ranking officers thereby leaving the fighting soldier wit little or nothing at the end. The incentives that is accruable to fighting soldiers have been diverted to personal and individual use and thereby reducing the pace of the soldiers willing to fight and put their lives on the line. Another factor is unemployment in the country. In a race to escape from dying of hunger, some youths which military had never been their dreams have decided to join the army at least to have something doing at all. All the blames goes straight to the government because they are the causes of Nigerian woes.

  2. Hahahahahahaha….did is so fcukin funny. Why attack the truth??? Don’t they specialize in manning our highways and assulting Nigerian citizens???? Until they learn to be military and not police the country, they wount focus on getting the best out of their job!!! Fcukin illiterates!!!!!