Obama Bribed Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters And Women To Win – Mitt Romney

More than one week after the United States presidential elections in which he was defeated by incumbent and Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, the Republican flag bearer, Mitt Romney, at a conference call with donors, Thursday, alleged that his efforts to beat Obama at the polls was unsuccessful because  of ‘gifts’ the administration gave to black, hispanic and young voters.

“The President’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups a big gift, so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.” Mr Romney said.

He pointed at healthcare reform legislation and a decision to suspend deportation of certain illegal immigrants who came to the country as children by the president, proved “highly motivational” on Election Day.

Mr Romney also said he had “gotten beat up pretty bad” on issues including his immigration stance and personal wealth.

“I am very sorry that we didn’t win,” Mr Romney told the donors. “I know that you expected me to win. We expected to win. It was very close, but close doesn’t count in this business.”

In a move that seems to disassociate the Republican party from Mr Romney’s comments, the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal told reporters at a Republican Governors Association (RGA) meeting: “I absolutely reject that notion, that description.”

“We need to stop being a dumb party, and that means more than stop making dumb comments,” added Jindal, who is the RGA’s incoming chairman.

However, on Friday, the White House rejected Mr Romney’s remarks that President Obama owed his re-election to “gifts” he showered on women, African American and Hispanic supporters.

Mr Obama’s Spokesman, Jay Carney told reporters that Romney’s “view of the American people and the election is at odds with the truth of what happened last week”.

Obama garnered 51 percent of the popular vote to Romney’s 48 percent, and won decisively in the state-by-state Electoral College, where he earned 332 votes to Romney’s 206.

When he was pressed further by reporters aboard Air Force One, Mr Carney defended President Obama’s social measures as “good for all Americans” and “good for the economy.”

“The President pursued policies that have at their core a desire to help the middle class, strengthen the middle class, make the middle class more secure, because that’s what makes America more secure”.


  • Mitt Romney still cannot believe he has lost to Obama. He and Ann were utterly convinced that the White House was theirs. Why? Well, to understand Romney’s disturbing delusions of grandeur and superiority you have to view the source of this massive Mormon fraud.

    Have a look at some of the Mormon Temple Ceremony filmed in secret by undercover video in the infamous Salt Lake Temple in Utah, earlier this year.


    Romney and his wife have attended this very ceremony in this particular temple on countless occasions. Study all aspects of the Ceremony and you will understand where their constant lies, feelings of superiority and their exalted arrogance come from.

    Mormonism causes great psychological harm to many of its members, including young Mormon children. Mitt and Ann are among those sadly afflicted by this disturbing Mormon illness.

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