Photos Of A Car Made Out Of Basket In Ibadan

This car was made out of basket in Ibadan. Awesome!





  1. Ministry of science and technology dont u see this things u spend Money on issues not revelant why not develop this project. Until the white come and take this inventor away which will become our loss thats why we hardly develop see our football every player wants to go europe.

  2. Everybody says our nation is becoming great, while our money are being embezzled by the politicians. The truth is we should call on God to brighten their sights, so they could see what’s right for them to develop. Like th e inventor of this great work.

  3. well, so says we dont av all this in our grasp, if d correct pple can be employed 4 correct jobs, n d jobs done correctly n accurately on time, then 9ja will become a better country in future, if not, vice versa

  4. Nigerians got talent.
    What u have in ur brain is of no use to them, but the certificate which some people can not even defend when taking to field. I wonder where nigeria is heading to.


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