Rep Insists Nigeria Must Not Negotiate With Terrorists; Says Buhari Cannot Be Trusted To Negotiate Peace

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Following the Islamist sect group, Boko Haram’s announcement of readiness to dialogue with the Federal Government, Nigerians have been bearing their minds on the matter with most reactions against a negotiation.

A member of the House of Representatives, representing Jos East/Jos South Federal Constituency, Bitrus Kaze, in his reaction said Nigeria must not in any way negotiate with terrorists.

In a press statement in Jos on Friday, Kaze reacted to the sect’s choice of former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as intermediary between them and government saying: “Anyone who has been following the internecine violence perpetrated, especially North of the Niger, by these merchants of death should understand their choice of Buhari. Eventually, the men behind the masks are beginning to unveil.

“In my view, Buhari, like the Boko Haram, cannot be trusted to negotiate for sustainable peace in Nigeria.

“In the build-up to the 2003 presidential elections, Buhari was reported to have asked Muslims across the country to vote only for the presidential candidate that would defend and uphold Islam. Even before the emergence of Boko Haram, Buhari had vowed not to “stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

“If it is too much to say Buhari has a soft spot for Boko Haram, the incontrovertible facts show that he has consistently instigated violence in Nigeria,” Kaze added.

“In his bid to rule Nigeria again, Buhari ordered his supporters in 2011 to ‘finish’ anyone who tampers with the votes, whatever that means.

“Sheik Lemu may have attempted, although unsuccessfully, to vindicate him, at least his Presidential Panel on Post Elections Violence acknowledged Buhari’s ‘provocative utterances,’ which, according to them, appeared to have been ‘misconstrued by many voters to include recourse to violence.

“Nigerians won’t forget in a hurry that after his woeful loss to President Goodluck Jonathan, many voters resorted to violence, leading to unquantifiable loss of innocent lives and property.”

He said against this backdrop, therefore, “it is unthinkable that anyone will expect peace from an engagement with an advocate of violence, like Buhari.

“By nature, thorn bushes do not yield bananas! The terms under which Boko Haram terrorists are seeking negotiations in the first place invariably offend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), which government has sworn to uphold, protect and defend.”

“Any government that considers as cardinal, the protection of lives and property of its citizens cannot contemplate any negotiation with those demanding for the release of captured terrorists, who are in the custody of security agencies awaiting trial,” Kaze said.

“A government that has not compensated victims or reconstructed any place of worship destroyed by these suicide bombers has no business sitting at the same table with terrorists under any guise.

“On the verge of the 100th anniversary of Nigeria’s amalgamation, the President cannot afford to be deceived into mortgaging Nigeria’s national sovereignty in the name of dialoguing with terrorists in Saudi Arabia or anywhere.”

Kaze said “there is no country in the whole wide world that has ever succeeded in checkmating terrorists by negotiating on their terms,” adding: “Peace and terror, like light and darkness, do not and will never mix.”

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  1. Negotiating with Terrorist is an act of against d Nigerian constitution n no country has ever succeeded in negotiating with terrorism infact negotiating is an act of empowering dem.

  2. To start with, don’t you think this is another way of soiling d name of Buhari before 2015 election? Because the man in question is yet to make a public statement on this issue. We all know this man to be truthful in many ways check is past govt in the military era. This is a man dat shed tears for nigerians b4 we all did on 1st january of this year. Now tell me anything that works in other countries and work in nigeria? Only corruption! May be and i say may be this may work out. Don’t forget “either we fail or not the most important thing is to try” Who you do think could mediate such talk in nigeria that is not corrupt? This could be the only way out of this problem that have sent many to early grave in this country. Many go against what put an end to niger deltal issue as well.

  3. U are nt only insane, bt also demented. Y must u insist nt 2 negotiate? Oh! Are u waitin 4 them 2 come & kill u and ur family b/4 acceptin d talks? Or are u tellin us that u are jealous of peace bcos of d millions u earn in d name of ‘security‘ in d annual budget? Thnk wise man or shut up ur dirty mouth…. Mtchewwww!

  4. Anything that is going to bring peace in this country we are going to spt it by all mess let pray for the unity and peace of our dear Niger.

  5. I don’t understand what kind of this man called a reps frm jos! Firstly am vry you are one of the PDP agent, let me tell you once general buhari is man of peace! So mind your language, I don’t know how you got ur self in the house, becouse your not man of peace, bloody lier.

  6. Mr law maker,remember we ar talking abt peace nd stability of our dear country,bt u ar there talkn abt religion.u should be ashamed of urself.u ar too sentiment.

  7. @K.I. I hope u AV been in the country for some years now. A rtd military man who makes a public statement abt how terror will be UN leashed cos he lost an election is not a credible man. Also, no negotiations with TERRORISTS! Hellooooooooo.

  8. In my own candid view i don’t think negotiation is a panecea to dis dastardly activities of d islamist group. I want General muhammed Buhari to be very much aware of the fact dat he who ryds on a lion in place of a horse shal 1 day land in the mouth of the lion, there’s no doubt that he is d misterminder of all d atrocities dat has cost d life of many nigerians and maimin of able bodied men n wmen nd our youths who ar supposed to be our leaders of 2moro. An attempt 2 Impose any religion on any nigerian will be d real definition of anarchy, dos politicians who feel dat d leadership of dis country is dia birth ryt shld nt be oblivious of d consequences. I strongly n unequivocally subcribe to d view of the rep member, cos dos nigerians whos loved 1s were sent to dia early graves nd some maimed won’t fold our arms and watch any terorist released or compensated in d name of dialogue. Obviously, they’ve lost dia batle wit recent revelatns of dia sponsors. President GEJ be warned.

    • Your opinion on this matter is so insightful I must commend and I second your view to it’s totality.. The federal govt should not create any room for negotiation for these blood sucking terrorists, if they needed negotiation of any sort why would they have gone this far. The spirit of the demise won’t forgive GEJ’s administration if he does otherwise. These people must face the wrath of God and they will all rot alive!

  9. you must be insane your talking politics while peace is the subject, All you have been thinking is the issue of buhari contesting for 2015 not the peace of our nation, moron rep. How was the Niger delta issue resolved fool.

  10. Buhari is a pure blood sucker,Kaze just told us some of his comments,in 2003 and 2011, this man buhari should be arrested,but our president no get liver.

  11. Buhari is a pure blood sucker,Kaze just told us some of his comments,in 2003 and 2011, this man buhari should be arrested,but our president no get liver.@abbas niger delta militants were fighting for their right,and destruction of their waters and farmlands by oil companies and lack of development,in the state that is supplying the money,for the FG,but is boko haram fighting for,islamising north or nigeria which is nt possible,instead they will all be converted to christians,i think u ar one of them fool

  12. This Mr Kaze Reps does not want peace to rein in Nigeria, because he gather security men protecting him & his family, so let everybody die provided he is having his share of National cake querterly.How can our security official fight hidden organised group of Armed men called BH that used bomb to explored.

    • Instead of crying foul let us allow wholesome reasoning to prevail. Let’s put aside sentiments and all put our hands on deck to fight this nemesis called Bokko Haram. We should all wage war against them but cooperating with the security agents in disclosing their hideouts and sponsors. Any religious group that kills innocent people in the name of fighting for their cause is not for peace and is satanic. Right now as i’m writing, Bokko Haram is silently killing Christians and renouned men in Maiduguri. I understand they killed General Mamman Shuawa at his residence last week. Where are we heading to. The dare devils are not willing to let go- so we better go for them.

  13. How can Nigeria negotiate with Terrorist who have destroyed many lives and properties? Infact Buhari is one of them and if he agree to be Boko haram chief negotiator, he and his men should be arrested and charge for treason.

  14. Buhari is 1 of d pple dat is coursing confusion in dis coun3 bcos if u listen 2 his ultrancis in 2003, 2007 and 2011 u would agree with me dat he is a blood sucker. Since his name has been mention as a terrorist he should be arrested a prosecuted according to the law of the land since nobody above the law. So there should b no negotiation with a person that make thausand of pple to lost thier lives and properties that worth million of naira. This is one of d reason i recomment America bcos if u are a terrory u will face the law of the land. But here in our coun3 once u make money u would b above d law as if our leaders dont know what they are doing.

  15. Kaze u must be a big pig. i dnt knw how u even get to be come law maker, do u think issue of security are issue of how to drink burkuto ur local village bear. If u drunk ur burkutu ur better keep ur dirty mouth quit, dont took when people are discusing vital issues. U big fool.

  16. I don’t think negitiation is the right answer. The right thing to do is to arrest Buhari, he knows all these BOKO HARAM. But, i doubt if president Goodluck will arrest him. He fears Buhari more than anything. But, if FG wants to negotiate with terrorists, first, they should allow BIAFRA to go to their promise land cos we are sick of this NIGERIA.

  17. Kaze, u’re the type of people sponsoring the killings going on under the guise of Boko Haram. Ur words are sentimental. All we need is peace to rain in the country. Like one of the commentators highlighted abv, we all know that Fed Gov’t negotiated with the Niger/Delta terrorists and it worked. Why shouldn’t it be put in place to put an end to ths violence.

    • Kai- better shut your trap. You can’t compare Niger Delta matter with Bokko Haram. Niger delta were fighting for their own cause and did not terrorize Nigerians. They were impoverished to the building of other states. They lived in penury and want while others enjoyed it at their detriment. They fought only the government for their rights. But BK had nothing to give other than killings and destruction of life and properties in the name of Terrorism for ‘allah’. WE can never dialog with terrorist. Fish them out.

  18. My fellow people commenting against negotiation, Are we lookin for lasting solution? If Buhari has instigate violence in Nig as Mention by Mr Kaze then arresting him wil instigate endless violence, We have hundreds of politicians who speaks violently infact . Let’s consider the lost of innocent people, as powerful as United state can not control sucide bombers talkless Nigeria. Look d raising Unemployment, poor education, Currupt system of Govt, all this can b transform to groups of notorious army of lawlessness!! Not in North only ooO. Govt should ensure full compensation to all victims period.

  19. why saudi…why not Britain our colonial masters or is it saudi that colonise Nigeria?…..why cant Buhari use his old age for something good I pray he may not end up like Gen Shuwa who dislike military in maiduguri and was killed by islamists,…keep a closer look at sen. Bukar Abba…..Nigerians be wise!!

  20. why saudi…why not Britain our colonial masters or is it saudi that colonise Nigeria?…..why cant Buhari use his old age for something good I pray he may not end up like Gen Shuwa who dislike military in maiduguri and was killed by islamists,…keep a closer look at sen. Bukar Abba…..Nigerians be wise!!.

  21. Sentiments of any sort can neva solve this problem! Kaze is a disgrace to his family and those he represented! He enjoys killings in Jos maybe that is where he got his ritual power and he want the same to cut accross the Nation if u are so blind by ur religion sentiment donnot 4get that CAN agenda for jonathan election was christians to vote christian and the Northern muslims in their quest for unity progress and true democracy voted Jonathan with passion knowing fully well that Jonathan is a Xtian. Evrybody shall be rewarded by his intentions 4 this Nation.

  22. Negotiating with the sect is not going to be the solution to this country.come to think of it,why do they want to negotiate now?Because most of their key sponsors have been apprehended,and they knw that very soon they will let the cat out of the bag that’s y they are seeking for negotiation people say’afo imi anaghi egbuchi ya aka’.GEJ God will give you wisdom to take the right decision for the betterment of our country.Goodluck!

  23. why all this, those that affected with this tragedy need negotiation but up there talking nonesense here and there bringing something different were all lunatic. Forget about reps they are sorrounded with security gards and you are even civil defence you dont have and you are trying to support him bull shit. Go to maiduguri or yobe from there you will ask for negotiation pls if you dont have any sound contribution to make in respects of those affected is better for you to keep ur dirty mouth close. A general is always a general respect yourself so that the young ones respect u.

  24. I will forever remember the name “Bitrus kaze”…u ve definitely spoken the mind of the majority insecure,oppressed ordinary Nigerian…….

  25. I have taken time to analyse many comments made by. nigerians and I discovered great diversity. I do not blame those who want negotiation with this sect called boko haram!. Neither do I blame those against it. The truth is that we don’t have a capable govt to handle insecurity,we are not mature enough to tackle vital issue, see how some defend gen buhari as if they know him well and others abuse kaze for having a point. We all know that we have problem in governance in this country but fighting it with terror is a wrong idea. I think that the solution negotiation, people say that you can’t negotiate with terrorist, that word is true when there is a rule of law and capable government,in our case it is not so!,we have to change our mind set in this country,we are so primitive,uneducated and ignorance, may God help us

  26. Kaze is a disgrace to humanity. Kaze is among d real sponsors of BOKO HARAM, anybody that say not to negotiation is gaining from d insurgent, thats why they dont want see dis problem come to an end. But very soon GOD will expose u all. Fool!

  27. They say truth is bitter. This honourable rep. has taken a bold step and said the truth. Instead of commending his sincerity, all d Moslems that has commented were cursing him calling him diff. bad names,but he is saying the truth and truth is bitter but it must come out whether u like it or not.Nigeria’s problem is boko haram not buhari.Boko haram is evil,blood sucking terrorist org. with 10000s innocent Nigerian blood in it’s hand.Like their collegues in Iraq,Afghanistan etc,all they want is to kill christian,distabilze government.They don’t want peace.The language they understand is force that’s why Americans,Britain and co are given it to them like that.How can evil that hate western education or western money accept amnesty to go and study western education or accept western money from d government.They just want to make mockery of president jonathan’s administration and d earlier he understands it d better for him.Jonthan shld know day God has given him power to protect dis country and he shld do it without fear or favour bcos souls wasted by dis boko haram will not 4give him if he did’t give them justice.


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