Shocker: Presidency Rejects N1.3bn Feeding Budget For 2013, Says It Is ‘Grossly Insufficient’

Aso Rock Villa

In an unexpected twist, the presidency has described as “grossly insufficient” the sum of N1,305,292,050  budgeted to cover the cost of its meals, refreshment and other miscellaneous expenses in 2013.

Emmanuel Ogbile, who is the State House Permanent Secretary, said on Tuesday that the amount was not enough to cover the 2013 fiscal year.

Ogbile made this known when he appeared before the Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter-Governmental Affairs to defend the N14,715,566,104 budget for next year.

This amount, Ogbile said, was not enough, in response to an observation by a member of the committee, Senator Isa Galaudu, that Nigeria’s budget in one year is what South Africa spends in five years.

“I have taken pains to explain that this money is not just to fund the residence of the President and that of the Vice President…the experience I have had is that this fund is grossly insufficient. It is not even enough”, he said

Out of the N1.305 billion budgeted, he said, “The Federal Executive Council (FEC) holds every Wednesday and we take care of them through this budget.”

He went further to list some other expenses that were taken care of in the refreshment and meals vote to include National Economic Council (NEC), Council of States, conferences in the Banquet Hall, presidential retreats, National Merit Award, Children’s Day and hosting of dignitaries.

But the committee chairman, Senator Dahiru Awaisu Kuta, would have none of it as he said the merit award had its own budget for such ceremony and Ogbile had to proffer another round of explanations.

A breakdown of the miscellaneous sub-head in the budget for Aso Rock reflected that N203,752,432 was allocated for refreshment and meals; N107,412,768 would take care of honorarium and sitting allowance while publicity and advertisement would gulp N37277,825.

Other details included medical expenses (N50,308,546); postage and courier services (N10,035,583); welfare packages (N195,066,223); subscription to professional bodies (N4,589,793); and sporting activities (N32,910,730).

The list also included overtime (N250,455,589); feeding of animals, including animal supplements for the veterinary clinic (N30,584,144); Summit/Extra ordinary sessions, including the UN, African Union, ECOWAS, etc (N228,112,862); and NYSC, IT, LOCUM, housemanship and contract staff allowance (N144,788,555).


  • That Ogbile of man should be removed from that office, with all his account freezed & forced to live in a ghetto area like Ajegunle on a monthly salary of #18,000. By so doing, we shall see wether he will squander the meagre amount on unnecessary items or make a good use of it with his family on his neck.

  • This is barbaric and shows the heart and mind. When will the real needs of the majority Nigerians be met. God is not sleeping just patient because the reward of the wicked is eternal and not meant for us His children. My faith in God is that we will see justice in Nigeria one day and all people will eat from the wealth of Nigeria which God has given for everyone. A change will come!

  • It’s always a surprising story we hear in Nigeria. When some pple spend such amount of money on feeding and some are dying of hunger and starvation. It’s only for a while.

  • u see my pple ths na d area wey i dey get prblm wit our govt the quest to get thngs done de rght wy cn neva be actualize untl ths barbaric act stp the cost of runing governance in Nigeria rediculious de money wey dem tk do one year budget for naija na him be five year budget for s. africa.

  • This country is becoming unbecomable,hw can our president who said he went 2 school wit out shoe is spending billions on feeding n is saying is nt enough why some nigerians are liv blow 2 dollar per day. Is hard time some pple die for dis country for some pple 2 live.what do u tink?

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