Stay Back In Your Village If You Can’t Obey Our Laws – Gov. Fashola

Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state has reiterated his commitment to the enforcement of the new traffic law and the existing environmental laws of the state to ensure the state remains environmentally-friendly.

The governor, who disclosed this on Tuesday after visiting some on-going project sites, however sounded a note of warning to visitors and those intending to come and live in the commercial centre to be abreast with the details of these laws so as not to break them.

Mr Fashola said his administration will not fold its arms while some residents live in Lagos as if they are living in their villages.

“You can’t continue to live like you are in your village here in Lagos. Life in Lagos is changing by the day. The government has spent fortune to ensure good environment, drainages, roads and transportation system. It is unfortunate some people are still living as if they are in their village.

“Please, if you can’t obey our environmental and traffic laws, stay back in your village,” the governor warned.”

– Channels TV


  1. Those who are not comfortable with the new law in Lagos should pack and go. Lagos State is being painted as ‘bad city’ because of her magnanimity to accommodate all sort of people. If the state now decides to remodel her state, so whose business is it? Live like Romans while living in Rome. The miscreants cannot decide the pattern of life Lagosians should live. Obey simple law and enjoy Lagos or break the laws and regret your action. Those who are not happy with the new law should pack and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Am beginning to think this gov has ulterior motives behind this mega city programme. Governor, do u no longer want non-lagos indigenes to live in the state? Too bad lagos isn’t a sovereign nation on its own probably you would have deported so many. This gentrification exercise seems targeted at evacuating the poor and non-indigenes. Please remember that Nigeria is a developing nation with a poor majority and it is also multi-ethnic. Let your policies be for the benefit of most please and you shall be recorded in history for positivity. More grease to your elbow.