Tonto Dike – “If I keep waiting for an Igbo man, I will just end up like Genevieve Nnaji who is eternally single”

This piece was culled from an interview Tonto Dike had recently with a reporter from Punch. Excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer: We just learnt that you will be getting married soon to your new boyfriend who happens to come from Benin, Edo state. Why are so many Nollywood female starts getting snapped up by Benin or men from Edo state?

Tonto Dike: First of all, it is nobody’s business where my fiance is from. That out of the way, yes Benin men are great and very understanding. They are not sitting and judging you unlike an Igbo man that will want to be poke-nosing in everything you do. You make your money and the Edo man is not interested in your personal affairs . “If I keep waiting for an Igbo man, I will just end up like Genevieve Nnaji who is eternally single.”

Tonto dike Debunked the statement above…

In a reaction to the alleged interview, which has spread like harmmatan fire, Tonto reacted this way, “I have never and will never say anything against Genevieve. I will not even interfere in her personal issues. I did not grant such interview.”

Her publicist also denied any such statement from Tonto dike. The publicist said, “after her interview with you (NFC) last year December, Tonto dike has only granted an interview with a soft-sell magazine, which was done about three months ago.
So, I don’t know where that purported interview came from or when such was granted.”


  1. Are all the preceeding comments from people that read thesame Article as I? Cos what I read is that a softsell magazine made up a very damaging story and attributed it to Tonto and everyone is still commenting like she didn’t debunk the statement? Why do people strain to believe lies?

  2. Tonto,haters keep on hating,she keeps smiling 2 the bank,getting more famous,Nigezie just promised 2 sponsor her video,she will be performing live @ rhythm unplugged,u keep publicising her,she’ll get married soon,u haters are there smoozing around wat doesn’t in anyway concerns u,she just said she didn’t insulted Genevieve,why can’t these haters ever stop these cheap advertisements about a promising Tonto.

  3. In Igbo land , we regard marriage as an institution through which we get into home and not a channel at which we get into house. ” we use to say in igbo ” Odi ka odi kpoba, odikodi egoro.” literally means , bird of same feather , floucks together. No Igbo man want to turn his matrimonial home into a brothel nor want to bring in a potencial bitch as wife.

  4. Of course she can get married to edo men for sure cuz edo guys like women to make money and give to them so what u do to get the money is not their business,u can do as u like,they don’t check what u do or where you go,u can even sleep with thousands of men provided the money is flowing.Tonto knew no igbo man will tolerate her way of life that’s why.Tonto make sure u did not insult genny cuz she is ten times richer and better than you are.Learn how to talk and respect your seniors.

  5. Why did u allow ppl 2 b insulting & outsalting u like d@,
    pls! dnt give a dm or sht of their sayng but try nd b on caution wnevr u are intervw in public or on media bcos ppl nevr progrm 2 hale u but 2 tlk u down.
    by DANIEL.

  6. Yes, igbo men are not worth celebrities cos dey will surely kill their career. And who cares abt igbo ladies either? Dos i’ve come across flirts around even in dia matrimonial home, go Tonto, am so proud of ur success so far. We are waiting to add u to our celebrity wifes association in Edo state.

  7. Like serious sm of u r talkin rubbish,u think igbo r gud or wot? U swines,thieves ur ladies r de most flirts in 9ja…do u guys hav RESPECT? Hell no.i’v come accross a lot of igbos n mind u der ntin 2 write a benin guy n i dnt care about a womans money,sooo Baby or wot eva u call urself;pocket ur mouth in ur ass.

  8. Who told you that Genevieve Nnaji is eternally single. That’s an insult. Genny is more eloquent and endearing than you are. I believe that your out bust is out of malice. Am even surprised that you mentioned T B Joshua as stopping you from smoking and you are still unrepentant, may God help and forgive you Tonto Dike. Genny Nnaji carry go.

  9. Tonto, u need to chill. U need to learn how to talk. Don’t just talk cos u ar asked to. No reasonable man will take ur type for a wife. Shame on d man who intend to marry ur type cos u ar nothin but a whore. Abeg fuck off make we hear better story.

  10. Why can’t we read well,b4 condemning her.the last part stated she denied ever saying for lgbo men?for real they love respects $ won’t tolerate some habits.l love them for that.a wife should be a wife $ not a girl friend.they won’t like anyone sell their respect for money.thus u ll ve to choose ur career or marriage,$ lf they allow u to go on,u must add respect to what u act.guess most men re that way too,tribe apart.most men re born jealous $ doesn’t take nonsense ln marriage.a typical Africa man values marriage.we re not whites $ shouldn’t expect our men to take what they take too.reason u ve more divorcees ln entertainment industries

  11. Hahahahahahaha, ah dn die 4 laf!!! Dat guy wey rit ToTo Dike abeg i wana ad u on facebk, ma name is chibuike khaled, emmm cumn 2 dis bulshtz, tonto i d advc u go len hw 2 tlk cus u alrdy hav much scandal on ur hand nd diz igbo men are d only ppl dat watch ur movie, so dnt insult dem, so u wnt get hurt, som of dem are begnin 2 hate u rely bad, nd 4 edo guyz dat tlk rubish u ppl cn neva be beta dan us {meanwhile igboz no get tym 4 rubish}