Video: Nigerians Answer “Should A Man Of God Own A Private Jet?”

Ever since the number of Nigerian Pastors who own private jets grew by one over the weekend, the hot topic on TV, newspapers, social media and on people’s lips this week has been laced with the words “private jet”.

On Sunday 11th November 2012, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)/President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) – Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor was presented with a multi-million dollar private jet by members of his congregation and since then, debates have sprang up with many questioning the right of a man of God to own a private jet.

iROKTV took this debate to the streets of Lagos, asking average Nigerians if it was proper for a man of God to own a private jet.

The opinions of those interviewed were diverse. Check out some of their really interesting responses in the video below and please join the discussion. Should a man of God own a private jet?

Source: Bella Naija


    • Not wrong for a man of God to own a private jet. One, if he has the money, why not? Two. It enhances mobility for preaching the gospel, breaking the distance problem. Three, jet is like a car. If owning a car is not a luxury but necessity, owning a jet is the same.

  1. while traveling around to spread the gospel and heal the sick, Jesus christ never owned a horse, i wonder why this so called men of GOD now see it as a necessity to own this luxurious property where majority of their members can hardly afford not just 2 square daily meal,a day meal….

  2. i hate reading about this article, what is even wrong for a man of God to own an aircraft, are they not human beings, state governors buys aircraft, people dont talk, but any man of God buys anything, even expensive cars people complains, to be a men dey easy? try am and c…. Nigerians shouldnt assume the blessings men of God enjoy should be share to the masses, lie lie,,, everybody should work hard to make your own wealth, men of God are human beings like u and me, have one head like u and me, have five senses like u and me, e.t.c. pls lets leave men of God alone,,,,, dey hav right as humans to own anything and everything…

  3. what is wrong 4 a man of God 2 own a private jet? AYO is an international preacher not a local pastor. who God has bless is bless already remember touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, while Jesus suffer the same from mankind.

  4. If the MOG blesses them they will quickly say Amen, If the MOG fails any spiritual appointmen internationally they are first people to accuse him, thesame set of people if MOG ask for their car for 3 days evangelism they will say no. Na wa o, May God have mercy on them. In a sum, nothing wrong for MOG to own private jet for spreading of gospel. Poverty is a cancer..

  5. I didt see anything wrong with that but some of the menber are poor some can’t even eat two times aday some don’t have house to stay them suppose to use some of this money help the poor in church

  6. Nigerians it is time 4 us to apreciate GOD for His faithfulness 2 mankind to embrace our own worldclass miracle. whatever gr8 things GOD did 2 His people is a bold symbol of His gr8tness which extend human reasoning. fellow bro.&sis. stop&don’t condem good tins u see bcos there are much more to come -say LORD GOD. ITISWELL WITH NIGERIA.

  7. every gift of God is to profit with. if your own is castigation continues and you will get damn for that, this men of God have done their best in term of preaching if you like hear or continue rumor all about

  8. There’s no big deal about MOG having private jets,it’s God’s blessings upon their life but if they are acquiring these things @ the expense of their members when some can’t even go beyond secondary education then it is bad.jet is a luxury and I think b4 any MOG should own such a thing,@ least he should have added to people’s life not only morally but making things available for his followers that they can point to like scholarships,training centres not just building organizations that will benefit him alone but let your impact be felt not only spiritually but in all spheres.

  9. it very funny, there nothing nwrong when you buy the jet or plane with the moeny you worked for not money from the church.why is that whenthe so call man of God Dies the wealth he aquired goes to the family mombers. the wife or son or close relation are the one that take over the church wen the so called Men of God dies…have ask yourself these questions who will maintain the jet the church member offering or the money the pastor work….i do not see people these pastor coming out to help people in need form a forum to raise fund to help the flood distater ..what Nigeria are telling the pastor is to do more to help the needy in the churc. some days back i help a president gives out 90% of his salary to the poor…can the pastors do these because the bible says when the end time comes nothing material things will follow us to HEAVEN.


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