When Should Formal Education Stop? First Degree, Masters, PhD or None at All?

Not so long ago, when someone had a bachelor’s degree, that was all that was needed to get on with a decent living. As a matter of fact, back in the day – as some would have noticed from their parents – you were seen as a top achiever if you had bagged a bachelor’s. All that most people got was an NCE, OND, or some other diploma, and they got on with life quite well!

However, today, the trend is gradually changing. Even the bachelor’s degree does not seem to be enough to get you anywhere in this part of the world. It seems that a Master’s degree is gradually taking that pride of place that the bachelor’s degree used to occupy.

But then, the acquisition of a Master’s does not even guarantee a good job for anyone in a country like Nigeria today. It is common knowledge that there are thousands of bachelor’s, Master’s, and even Phd holders roaming the streets in search of jobs.

Meanwhile, there are some who never got formal education beyond the secondary education level, and they are doing fine engaging in one business or the other. This then raises the question as to the level of education which is necessary in order to be able to get a decent living in Nigeria.


  1. Well I adviced that wether one is a bachelor degree holder or master’s degree holder, the fact still remains tht you’ll go into bizness later in years. For some it might even be too difficult for them to really understand/have the enterpreneural spirit. That’s why Nigeria will ever remain poor. Getting involved in enterpreneural skills in ones early life is the only way in moving the country forward. The earlier Nigerians recognize this fact, the better!