When The Time Comes, I’ll Pick A Girl – Osita ‘Paw Paw’ Iheme

Osita Iheme, alias Paw Paw, in this interview, speaks about his career as an actor especially since his first big break with Chinedu Ikedieze aka Aki, in the movie Aki na Ukwa ten years ago.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Winning a national award

I was happy when I was awarded a Member of the Federal Republic. The award didn’t come as a surprise because many people expected it. I was happy I finally got it after so much controversy. I knew I was going to get the award. It was just that the organisers didn’t want to give me the award the same time they would give it to Aki. The Federal Government may have decided to give us the award one after the other. That was what happened. People were spreading rumours concerning the award. Some said I envied Chinedu when he got his award. Others said I insulted the son of one of the members of the panel in charge of the awards. I was with Chinedu in Abuja when he received his award. We posed for photographs together. I cannot imagine insulting anybody who had anything to do with the awards. But in any case, this is show business and any story can come up. I just had to move ahead even when all the rumours where flying. Within me, I knew I was going to get the award.

Why I’m not intimidated by bigger people

Everybody must not be the same. Everybody does not have the same height. Some people are tall, while others are short. You can either be tall or short. We are not of equal height. There is no need for me to be worried about my size or to feel inferior. I know that my height doesn’t have anything to do with my brain. I believe that it is not by size, but what you can do and what you can put on the table. I don’t allow my size to bother me. In fact, I don’t even believe I am small. To me, I am normal and I am a big man.


Chinedu got married and we no longer live together as we used to. I miss him. Before, if I was going home, I knew I would see him at home. We were always doing things together. We discuss, chat and share ideas together. It is not really like that now since we no longer live together. I miss him a lot. But I knew we weren’t going to be living together forever. I knew that we would be married some day and have our families. I don’t know when I will get married, but I know that when it is time, everybody will know about it. I cannot tell you this is the time. God is preparing the way for me and I am walking through that path. When I get there, everybody will know. I cannot tell you there is a particular girl now. There are girls all over the world. It is just for me to listen to God when He is talking to me and showing me the girl I should go for. When the time comes, I will pick a girl.

Coping with stardom

Each time I leave the house, I always have it at the back of my mind that I am a celebrity. I know that people will come to me and do all sorts of things out of excitement. I try to be involved in such scenario whenever I find myself in a situation where fans gather around me. I try to always remember that these fans are the ones that admire my work. I always try to keep a head straight and carry on with my fans.

My aspiration

I want to help a lot of people in future. I want a situation where young and talented people can say that Osita Iheme inspired them to be what they are. I want them to say that I was the one that influenced their lives positively. I want to help build the younger generation. I also try to help people in need. I just want people to look back and say that they are what they are because God used me to touch their lives.

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