Wizkid Insults Tonto Dike On Twitter

Everyone can’t seem to stand Tonto Dikeh anymore, including Wizkid.



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And we all know Tonto is the official #Poko chiq on Twitter that’s her thing. The ‘succezz’ Wizkid so madly hates can be found in Tonto Dikeh’s bio.




      • who ever you call yourself, you, i case you have got no name because a true son of a true woman, will never reply a girl who fill so much disgraceful to see a girl like her shamelessly disgracing herself in the world wide web, how will you fill even your mother will be ashamed of you and this all so go to every male and female, who shamelessly call themselves tonto dike fans, am a 17 years old girl whose dream is to become a world wide celeb, and i can`t believe you encourage such a think in our society shamed to you all and shamed to tonto dike, she is a disgrace to all female children in our country and she is no one role model i use to like her even if she was never my role model because no one can take genevieve nnaji place as my role model, to cut the long story shot tonto dike is now iyack totally disgusting.

        • shout that hole you call you mouth,,, you know what? you are some kind of special IDIOT,,, with this you carry on i bet you won’t reach that you fucking dreams,,, u are not even up too Tonto’s finger,,,yet you are here say trash,,,

        • Glory boco u are a fool u can’t even make it if u get there u are hopeless human tonto is even better than u all of u DAT is here DAT are lnaulting tonto God go damage una life fool why una no go dere go speak good English she is my role
          mode still d best OK she will always be d best

  1. Lol……… I think they r both immature. Tonto’s shouldn’t have fxcked with him (p.s. I also hate the way she types…like she’s retarded!! :x) and wizzy……. Well, a ‘boy’ will always be a boy!

  2. Pls wat is wrong wit dis small boy call wizkid. Hw old is he. Wizkid my advise to u is pls respect ur elders n stop insulting them cus I believe Tonto is more older than u.

    • Yes Tonto is older dan him, buh since she hv mex herself up with Wizkid, wut do u xpect @Kingsley…..Wizkid must kid like a kid he is, zo dot blame him…all diz act is bcus Wizkid hv seen Tonto nakednex Tonto is mai lovely sis buh she f**k up..

  3. Wizkid is a fool, what is your own fucking biz with someone else english. Abi shay english na your papa language? Oh!! You thinks say you sabi english? Wizkid if u know u are very good in speaking english, anytime you are on TV or radio program talking, please don’t use the world “as-in or you know”, let’s see if your bomb no go pass Boko Haram own.
    Nonsense, child of nowaday, because of you get small money you just dey run ya parrot mouth they insult person on twitter. Abegy, I will advise you to grow o

    • how much u even feel say wizkid get? pls advice that brat not to downgrade another person………………..already from his name he is a kid pls dont blame him i blame tonto for giving dat idiot a chance as a friend

  4. Wizkid you are free to say anything you like don’t mind all these old fools running their parrot mouth, they are just beefing ur success. Tonto Dike if you know the correct spelling please write it instead of you girls forming….

  5. @ wizy u small boyz when u get cash u regard or hv an atom of respect 4 any body. Kids learn 2 respect ur elders. @ tonto, u caused all this cos u took so low 2 be spleeping with a small boy of that age, wen u hv men dat r ready 2 date n respect u. U hv 2 expect all this cos he is a child.

    • elder ihe,na d boy curse na no get money?..me i no even know if dike na ur sister,maybe cousin,who knows….wetin kon concern him no get respect for elders 4 dis kind matter …is tonto an elderly person to wizkid…person wey dey carry yans give pikin na she kon b elderly person for ur house……..if na no wetin to talk just give ur timer to someone and step out of d cybercafé…. na ur kind no dey make this country better… na see sense na no talk,na kon dey talk nonsense….

  6. u have fucked up big time @ tonto! The small boy have seen what is beneth ur legs, so what do u nw expect?…………….. Babe u don fuck up abegeeeeee. U’ re too beautiful for dis kind of shiiitttttt!!! U better wake up!

  7. She made try simple, so if want gossip go on thatz on ur account she made it clear dat z over with the muzik thing so “gossip gisterz” shut d fuck up I dnt want to talk 2 wizkid but if u c him tell him go to hell. Evrybody deserves chance to try. (Anu mpam)

  8. @ wizzy show some respect to toteh dike u have too learn how 2 treat ladies well @ dike u have 2 learn how 2 respect urself control ur emotion don’t let it fool OK!!!

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  10. Abeggy. …na una time…..its Ǧ☺☺ϑ Τ̣̣ЂÀΤ̣̣ Ʋ guuz both Ђåvε̲̣̣̣̥ money…tonto,ℓ̊ L♥√ε ur courage,Ʋ av D̶̲̥̅̊ money n dats wats keeping D̶̲̥̅̊ pple’s eye  Ʋ…ℓ̊ need sponsor on music Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo ….S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ dat dem go D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥Ɣ follow gossip ♍ƺ like dis
    M_o_n_e-y sha

  11. Tontoh should ave never put“I luv Terry G” in her bio; she should have known it would piss wizzy off.now why’s she with inyanya rather than terry?Maybe nobody is even dating anybody,maybe allthis is showbiz.

  12. why don’t u just leave dem to each other and let dem. b..
    every man think tonto is perfect for all those pussy stuffs she does. ’cause, every men likes seeing girls in nude. apart from her fame in the movie industry every men will want for their daughters,nothing more. but, every father and mother wanna have a child like wizkid…cause,the young man is so lucky and talented….so ,guys,stop shipping on a dry land……[what do u wanna all do tonight?] if u truly like dike,pray for a daughter like her and pray louder…so dat ur prayer can be answered within a second and a movement of an air..but,if u say it silently,it will never be answered for for life…..

  13. why don’t u just leave dem to each other and let dem. b..
    every man think tonto is perfect for all those pussy stuffs she does. ’cause, every men likes seeing girls in nude. apart from her fame in the movie industry every men will want for their daughters,nothing more. but, every father and mother wanna have a child like wizkid…’cause,the young man is so lucky and talented….so ,guys,stop shipping on a dry land……[what do u wanna all do tonight?] if u truly like dike,pray for a daughter like her and pray louder…so dat ur prayer can be answered within a second and a movement of an air..but,if u say it silently,it will never be answered for life…… here.. i’m praying for a son like bankyw,donj ,wizkid,ice prince and a daughter like genevieve,motola,ini,henshaw,

  14. all men likes seeing girls in nude,that’s why they like her. they will never dere pray for a daughter of her kind. girls will never dere pray for a daughter like her but, some girls like her can call her their role model…even,she can never pray for a daughter like her self….she will rather pray for a daughter like mercy j….she’s one of my favourite…she’s just kind of stubborn …but,still better than a pt or dg…

  15. @wizkid n tonto i’M very sorry 2 cuM in but i gues u 2 are Matured enough 2 handle tins urself dan letin ppl dat are nt up 2 ur class involved in a Matter like dis. Dis is well knw 2 us all dat dis is an open site n dere are soMetin dat are nt suppose 2 said. So plz i beg u all stop huMullatin ppl bcoz u dnt knw 2Moro.

  16. it’s there turn on music beef, there is always a fight in music industry. mohits vs Kelly handsome, neco gravity vs timaya, malam spicy vs Terry g, p square vs may d dats just d game to sell.

  17. Hnmmmmm wizkid………. Wizkid is N̶̲̥̅̊☺ more A̶̲̥̅̊ kid………‎​JƱƧ̷̜̌̋τ̲̅ behaviing like one

  18. Serzly tonto is @fault..if it is true she slept with him den wat else will she expect frm him…see as wizzy dey insult u like say u be him age mate…abeg nd all of u make una free my wizz for jare!! U ppl re callin him names nd insultin his moni..where is urs na..nd wetin consign u wit d sec skul he go sef…plzz leave him alone nf for dis tonto dikeh u went xo low to slip wit wizzy..u giv am friedrice na y him nor go chop bellefull.

  19. 4 me i did,t see much tin btween 2 f dem.u shud no dat in case like dis such always hapen we dont kil our selfs tinkin about dis de are bot stars (tonto,wizkid) go an sult ur probs out b4 it z late.

  20. I like wizkid b4,bt nw no,he brings his self down doings evil nd rushing his self like a jet my advise 4 u is respect ur self bcos respect is reciprocal

  21. wizkid z A̶̲̥̅‎​ big fool,nd I fink tonto shud b blamed 4 bringin er sef so low..we’ll Ǻ♍ nt surprisd wit wizkid’s attitude z jst A̶̲̥̅‎​ child….ooh boi U̶̲̥̅̊ nid τ̅☺ grow ooooooo…anty tonto U̶̲̥̅̊ too cheap ooO.

  22. H♍♍♍♍! Nice talk άℓℓ of γφυ bravo but i want us Τ̅☺ realise sumtin dat apart dat wizzy is a kid,we shuld realise also dat any elderly person dat does Йστ respect him or herself like toto dikeh deserved desrespect.although a kid w alwyz be a kid but d true is dat for wizzy Τ̅☺ b be codenmed tonto dikeh like dat,we shuld άℓℓ knw dat sumtin is fishing among dem.so ℓ̊ put άℓℓ d blame on dat pig called tonto coz is getting Τ̅☺ much of her&does she d only gurl I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d industry?so y alwys her?is she iyanya,Don jazy,&evrybody alwyz talk abt coz she is JƱڪτ̲̅ too cheap.infact she is disgraced Τ̅☺ άℓℓ womanhood.totoh dikeh U̶̲̥̅̊ have Τ̅☺ turn over a new leaf b4 is too late 4u Ooº°˚˚˚°ºo

  23. That is guys attitude and it is very bad of them, once they get what they want from ladies, they will start insulting and disgracing them but I blaim Tonto Dike for dating that small boy that call himself Wizkid. Wizkid that doesn’t show maturity.

  24. Wizzy dnt mind dem ur moni nd their moni nor b mate ,nobody holy pass ,d sky is big enof 4all birds 2fly,y una dey fly com wizzy side,

  25. Love d both names to match tonwiz i believe u guys will be back jst like other artists i guess its true love so u guys should calm down and settle. Dnt crucify me ooo i was jst………wishing

  26. Tonto dike dnt wori. tinz wil stil b beta. Wizkid must have bin regreting wat he has said about against u. He is stil behaving childish and being nonchallant.Tonto dike i hav notin much 2 say coz u stil remain d best. Am frm imo state. If u nid any help let me knw. My is [email protected]. B careful of some guys like wizkid. Tanks n bye

  27. Can anytin good come out of 9ja entertainment?….if yes, den dat must be 4rm a 4reign entertainer…….foooooollllllllssss………..holla @ my nigga (MR RAW NWANNE%.

  28. all of u abusing wizkid are totally mad he has make his own money and u are dere abusing him if i am u and i dont know what to say u keep ur mouth shut murons . Am proud to say wizkid is still my role model

  29. hey evryone why re u insulting Wiskid and u elechi saying Wiskid is not talented. To be sincere u re d greatest fool here. Wiskid super star num 1 as for u tonto u re on our own nxt time u will learn how 2 control ur bad body dats always wanting to f**k.

  30. To b honest en sincere wif u guyz….. Ah hate wizkid en tonto wif passion…. Gash! How can diz 2 personz ah mean VIPz b disgracin en insultin dere stupid self in pubic.. Mostly expecially tonto dikeh.. @time ah wonder weda she iz truly 4rm a womans womb… Ma advice 2 d both ov u iz dah,,,, Ah no nobody iz above mistake. Xo? U guyz shuld beg God 4 4givness en ah no certainly, he will definately 4giv u guyz en neva 2 go bk 2 ur evil wayz aagain.

  31. Dis people are stupid all those insulting wizkid.Wizkid is more dan tonto dike.Which stupid elder is she.wizkid is d best take it or leave it Wizzzy baby

  32. Dis boys are fools dey are insulting wizkid for tonto there fathers will wish there son is wizkid.Talented young boy.u 2much wizkid

  33. Everybody can never be the same.individual differences.so allow her to leave her life the way she want.stop being JEALOUS you even do worst.

  34. My simple word is that, the both parties should neva listen to dos comments. You guyz shld try to come together to settle ur mistakes n forgive eachother. God will guide u.

  35. Wizkid nd tonto dont mind all diz comments dere is no hw relationship wil go on without aving a little beaf. U guiz ar runing ur mouth let me remind u dat prophet muhammed wife is older dan him so stop saying robish.

  36. Even If the world kick her away i will never because the love i have for her flows from God to her, why will i say bad against her wen i know am not perfect. remember nobody is righteous not even 1 not even ur pastor, so y the insult!

  37. Wizkid dnt mind all dis fools here u r up to d stage dat y foolish tonto bought u a car just for u to love her u did not toast her she toast u I dey feel ur swags wizkid u can call me on 08108621712

  38. hehe…’whizy’ and ‘tonto’,i lyk dem both but wizkid made a mistake actualy,does he tink he is more educated dan she’s ‘nah’ i dnt tink so…technically he has no right to has done such,even if he has f**ked her….#how shakespeareian

  39. Oga wezzy…u na confirmed guy..wave hy 2 haters who wan die say u dn make am..gv deaf ears 2 ndi-asili..u don digger d bitch’s pussy na comfirmed thing nd mua d ur bk,asin alongside wit u,forget gossips,cus pple must tok,2 tonto…..FUCK Ur Sagging puSSY biTCH!!

  40. Hmmm… U guys shd stop insulting dem.. No body is perfect. Remove d dirt dats in ur eye b4 telling some1 to remove his or her own. Repent, Jesus is coming NOW!!

  41. dunno wah 2 say buh..wizkid shudn’t av done ah tin lyk dat mayb tonto shudn’t av done xumtin lyk dat also…wiz-kid>so u dnt av 2 blame d kid…tonto dikeh really 4ck up…:-)

  42. I hate to comment on that bitch called tonto dikeh, first it was with don jazzy of all people,now its with that uncultured boy named wizkid. However let me make it clear that tonto is not herself and she’s demonically possessed. She should continue to distribute her demonic cunt @her own peril,mstchew#inglorious bastards

  43. Hmmm wonders wil never end o,wizkid I so hate u 4 dis single act of disrespect…Tonto na ur mate? I no blame u sha… ur nofin buh a baby…idiot!

  44. All who are insult wizkid u’re all crazy,anyway am nt blame u all cuz if w check d family of dose of u dey dnt even hav a moon talkless of star,if wizkid sex tonto and if tonto abused wizkid wat is ur own?and som of u is talkin about age,u’ve already show us dat u’re nt mature enough if nt u’ll knw dat age is nt mater of datin on nw adays..My Wizzy Boy dnt mind anoy1 of dem go ahead u’re destiny 2gr8 and u must.

  45. What’s with this small Wizpikin? Hmmmm has he wash his smelly boxers? Did he pass Jamb? Has he written any? Does he know what or how* it takes to* spell correctly? If POko choosess to* spell likee that, its simply bcoz she wants to* be known for* that! Its simple witchkid. pls sitdan!!Ode olodo

  46. Which is with you guys and age mate.all of una wey dey talk, how many of una dey repect una guy or girl friend jobless people.as for you tonto just calm down u just too crazy,as far as u dey frnd boi even if the guy is younger than u learn to respect him.e be like say na too much money dey do u abi?

  47. Seriously some people no get work, after reading several comments, I concluded that some people who think they are there are neither there nor here. If yu must say sometin, den du it constructively, and stop fuzzing out yur array of supercilious misdemeanour and vulgar indecorum. Even Wizkid’s who took out tym to express his mind, isn’t bringing out the words constructively, yet he accuses some oda person. Which ever way yu choose to flaunt yur vocabs should be no one’s business, the most important thing is that you understand the concept and contents.

  48. Jaiye jaiye fresh boy wizkid is talented so he is not olodo and he is helpin naija out there makin dem go gaga in african music so liv d starboy nd attimes we all make mistake so free am.tonto is d actress I feel in naija unto she is gud in her actin nd she is beautiful but wizkid and tonto knwz more beta so let’s stop togeda and it will do d stars star betta as we are fans.peace to u all

  49. Its like you learn my thoughts! You appear to understand so much about this, such as you wrote the e book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few percent to force the message house a little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  50. i don’t quite undastand sum people here, wats ur definition abt d word “kid” can u call a 17 or 18yrs old a kid n wizzy is far above dat. Tonto is a great actress though nt d best while wizzy is also a gifted artist though he is a kid has u cal him, but his achievement is greater dan dat of tonto, i advice dey b left alone(its jst dat people won’t stop talkin) our celebs out dere all av their share of scandal i guess its dere turn. Wizzy, tonto i luv u both n i wish u d bst. Nobody is an angel sum girlz here av done worse

  51. one thing i know is dat a kid will always be a kid ,you know u cant compare a boys thinking with d way a man will think .even if they have something in common must everybody know.is he the first to do dat or will he be the last to do that.the way he talk to her only shows how rude he is.not only to the bitch dat brought herself so low to the mumu level.ont thing i know is that if not the way she presented herself to the boy he can neva open his mouth to talk to her coz dey are not mate in everything.

  52. one thing i know in life is that every one should learn how to reaspect him or her sif….are you saying i should put the blam on wizkid or tonto dike…am sorry i cant blam one and leave the other person…the truth is that the both are at fort…if not how can you because money and open your leg for a guy or how can you insuit a girl because she sold her sif for you…such is not a life…use your brain..

  53. WizKid 73 points tonto dike 27 points….up up wizkid u won ….no mind them jare ur moni and their money no be mate lolz …………

  54. What’s wrong with yhu ppl can’t yhu guys shots ya trap,what’s ya biz with dat if tonto dikeh is older than wizzy,see it can happen 2 any person it base on emotional feelings from her to wizkid I didn’t see such act as a crime okay but what I gat say is dat wizkid wouldn’t have insulted her on web it sounds disgusting wizkid yhu disgrace her alot what of if dat happen to ya sis,and she got such disgusting embracement,yhu wouldn’t have like cuz its un-concur how yhu make her dejected & regret of having a date live wit u and my advice 4 TD & WD is to turn up and to stop this sh**t on net


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