Woman Bewitched By Boyfriend, Suffers Non-stop Menstruation After Faking Pregnancy

In a bizarre incident that resembles scenes from a Nollywood script, an Esigodini man allegedly bewitched his girlfriend leading to her having a continuous menstrual flow.

The alleged black magic practice was reportedly “prescribed” as punishment for lying to him that she was having his baby. The incident which sent shivers down the spines of villagers occurred sometime last month. It is reported that Caleb Dube took his girlfriend’s cheating and defrauding antics the hard way and went to the extent of going traditional by allegedly bewitching her.

It is alleged that in May 2008, Nomalanga Ndiweni in a bid to defraud her boyfriend Dube who was based in South Africa faked pregnancy and demanded money to buy items in preparation for the baby and the unsuspecting Dube complied. After nine months, Nomalanga again phoned Dube informing him that she had conceived a bouncing baby boy before asking him to send more money for the upkeep of the child and its minder. The two agreed that Nomalanga would go to her boyfriend’s South African base whenever Caleb wanted to see his child.

It is alleged that the seemingly infertile Nomalanga took her friend’s child to South Africa every time she was visiting Caleb claiming that the child in question was his. Years reportedly passed by with Nomalanga using the same modus operandi until her friend left the village to move in with her husband in Gweru. When Caleb asked his lover to visit him with the baby, Nomalanga turned down the invitation giving various excuses prompting Caleb to come back home. Upon his return Caleb got the shock of his life when he was told by other villagers that he was duped by Nomalanga who made him believe that her friend’s baby was his.

It is further reported that Caleb confronted his girlfriend who failed to explain the whereabouts of the child. Caleb reportedly did not take the matter kindly and sought traditional help as revenge and Nomalanga is reportedly continuously dripping menstrual blood.

When contacted for comment Caleb expressed his deepest anger and had no kind words for his “greedy” girlfriend whom he described as a gold digger.

“I am deeply hurt by what she did. I slept over the issue and saw it wise to go to a traditional healer to get my revenge and this is exactly what I did,” he said.

When our news crew visited the Ndiweni family, her mother was in a state of shock to talk about the incident and asked Caleb to pardon her daughter.

“It is hard to cope with the situation. We pray and hope that Caleb will find it in his heart to forgive my child. At the moment we have taken her to a traditional healer in Chipinge,” she said.


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