WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s Wife Loses Election Again

Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment’s wife and former executive of the multi-million Dollar entertainment company, Linda McMahon has been running for Senate in Connecticut for what seems like years.
McMahon has reportedly spent more than $100 million on her two campaigns. And with the polls closed, it seems that she’s been given the People’s Elbow by the people of Connecticut. She is one of the first losers of the election night, defeated by Democrat Chris Murphy in a highly contested race for retiring Senator Joe Lieberman’s old seat.
The race according to reports was characterized by nasty vitriol and nonstop attack ads…and she loses yet again.

It’s high time Mr Chairman found a seat for his wife in the WWE and just maybe she will find peace again in the ‘politics’ of WWE, or just keep her close enough to watch his muscles bulge like in the picture.

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