You have to fire half of the civil service in order to save the economy – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has suggested that the Federal Government to downsize the labour force if it must achieve anything meaningful as far as economic resuscitation is concerned in the country.

Sanusi made this call during his presentation at the second Annual Capital Market Committee retreat that was held on Tuesday, in Warri, Delta State. To Sanusi, it is illogical for a country to have its economy developed when it spends 70 per cent of its revenue on servicing salaries and gratuities of workers.

Mallam Sanusi, also insisting on total fuel subsidy removal, also condemned the Nigerian political system, asking for an inexpensive government system that will bring down overhead cost and liberate capital for infrastructural development.

In his words “At the moment, 70 per cent of Federal Government’s revenue goes for payment of salaries and entitlement of civil servants, leaving 30 per cent for development of 167 million Nigerians. That means that for every naira government earns, 70 kobo is consumed by civil servants,” Sanusi contended.

The solution, for Sanusi, is that: “You have to fire half of the civil service because the revenue government has is supposed to be for 167 million Nigerians. Any society where government spends 70 per cent of its revenue on its civil service has a problem. It is unsustainable,” he argued.


  1. He(Lamido) has said hs mind,d question is…is dat d rite/best approach, is dat hw fed govt wl create d so-called job afta removing subsidy in petrol?wat yu nid 2look @ is d fact dat those public servant rceicev overblown allowances

  2. Sanusi has said his mind, mine is if FG would consider his oppinion they should start with i.e he should be fire first and cease all that he posses freeze his account b4 firing the civil servant, sanusi want if the FG follow his oppinion he will have more room to steal more money for himself. He should be talking of reducing politician allowance and he is there making noise, if u dont know ur job just resigned. What he is saying is to increase the population of boko haram in the country.

  3. sanusi should have also added that government should first of all encourage industries to grow in the country to absorb the civil servants that will need to go, politicians salaries and allowances should be slashed to like 50% ,his own inclusive. Is he really a qualifed economist?, did he forget to mention this? or is he just selfish just like other politicians in the country?

  4. I’m very sure this man is talking under the influence of some people in power.Fire half of the civilians and unemployment goes high..If 70 percent of the revenue goes to civil service then there is a lot to this than the information the masses are reading..