2015 Elections: Unknown individuals are pumping money into our party – Buhari’s Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)

Even as the race for 2015 elections will not be starting for months to come, there are credible reports that opposition party, Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has been receiving anonymous donors in the last few months. This is coming even as the CPC is reported to be reconsidering its original merger agenda with the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), with a new plan to pursue fusion with All Nigerian People’s Party (ANPP).

The CPC, in recent weeks, had been receiving offer of support and assistance towards the party‘s preparation for 2015, even as it was gathered that General Muhammadu Buhari has instructed that no unknown donation should be accepted. Some of those unidentified donors had capitalised on the recent demise of the General‘s first daughter to bombard the Kaduna residence of the politician and offer partnership and support for the next general election.

This development has also been confirmed by a CPC chieftain in Abuja who told the Nigerian Tribune that the party had been receiving unsolicited support and pledges from some top zonal and regional figures, who are not members of the party. “It is strange but we are receiving pledges from influential figures who choose not to be identified. Many of them said they don’t want their names mentioned or listed in connection to funding the party,” the party chief, who is very close to the party secretariat, said. The source hinted that the party, at a point, had to stop receiving such donations and pledges, adding that “many of those donors simply said they want to identify with the party ahead of 2015.

“Let me say that they are not our members and we did not ask them for money. We are also careful not to fall into the hands of PDP agents,” the source said.

Source: Tribune


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