22 Children Stabbed In Chinese School Attack


Police arrested a 36-year-old local man who stabbed 22 children, at least two of them seriously, and one adult at the gate of a Henan grade school in central China, BBC reports.

In recent years, knife attacks have broken out, resulting in increased security in China’s schools. Many of the attackers have been mentally disturbed men, suggesting that the country’s rapid social changes and lack of a modernized hospital system may be contributing to a rising number of mental illness cases.

The Associated Press news agency quotes a police officer as saying that this latest attack happened as pupils were arriving for classes. A county hospital administrator reportedly said that the man first attacked an elderly woman, then the children, before being overpowered by security guards.

Two of the injured pupils have been transferred to better-equipped hospitals outside the county.


  1. All these are evil acts, 22 children stabbed to death in China, a gun men killed 26 elementry schl. pupils in America, motor accident killed 8 primary schl pupils at Itori in Ogun state of Nigeria & 4 scholars of a private University also killed by accident at Ring road Ibadan also in Nigeria, a mother stabbed her son to death in India & another son stabbed his mum to death while playing ! these signs show that this world is running to an end, let us be prayerful to God to put and end to these sad events.


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