22-year-old Set To Marry Dead Twin Sister’s Ex Convicted Of Murdering Her

Johana Casas junto Victor Cingolani

Is she crazy? Well, her mum thinks so.

An Argentinian woman has agreed to marry the man convicted of murdering her twin sister.

22-year-old Edith Casas believes that her fiancé, Victor Cingolani, “would not hurt a fly” and is innocent in her sister’s death, BBC reported.

Cingolani is presently in jail serving a 13-year sentence for the murder of Johana Casas, a model whose body was found in a field with two bullet wounds in 2010. Cingolani had dated Johana, but they were no longer together when she was killed.

“Edith Casa isn’t jealous,” Cingolani told Argentine newspaper Clarin. “We always talk about Johana, about how she was.”

The convict also noted that while his relationship with Johana Casas was “casual,” he is “in love” with Edith.

The wedding which was earlier slated for Saturday, El Patagonico reported had been postponed by a civil judge after Casas’ mother, Marcelina del Carmen Orellana submitted a request for a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of her daughter.

Orellana believes her daughter is clearly “psychologically ill,” as the Casas’ family stated she is guilty of “a terrible betrayal.”