6 Killed In Ibadan Auto Crash

At least six persons were feared dead in an auto crash in Ibadan in the early hours of Saturday.

Eyewitnesses say the victims, including a young lady just left a relaxation point at Ajeigbe area of Ibadan metropolis and were heading towards Mobil Filling Station when they met their death.

It was learnt that the driver of the Toyota Camry in which they were, was driving recklessly and, in the process, lost control and skidded off the road. The car sources say ran into an electricity pole at Oni and Sons Bus Stop and then somersaulted until it crossed to the other side of the dual carriageway and collided with a BMW car driving towards Challenge area. The owner of the BMW car it was
gathered died on the spot.

A vulcanizer who works in the area said, “It was when I got here this morning that I saw the two cars. They said the accident occurred around 2:00a.m.”

He explained further that he saw about six bodies. “I don’t know whether those who towed the wreckage of the two cars were police or Road Safety Commission officers. Also, I learned that all the people involved in the accident, about six of them died and their bodies were taken to the Adeoyo State Hospital”, he narrated.

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  • may dir soul rest in perfect peace.but why travelling around dat devilish time,according to d time mention 2am.no matter hw important dir journey why can dey wait till d next day b4 dey conmence dir journey.plz nigerians let us learn from dis,

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