7 Foods That Help You Sleep Well


If you find yourself staring at the ceiling late into the night, try these foods to help you drift into blissful sleep.

A cup of chamomile tea: For centuries, chamomile has been harnessed as a herb that alleviates anxiety and promotes relaxation.
A cup of chamomile tea

A handful of almonds: soak almonds in clean water in the morning. At bedtime, slide off their skins and munch on them slowly. The magnesium in almonds relaxes muscles and their protein content keeps your sugar levels stable while you sleep.

A bowl of oatmeal: Every now and then, I stir up oatmeal for dinner because it feels so warm and comforting. Only recently, I learned that I’m actually helping myself sleep better by doing so. The fiber and minerals in them do a wonderful job of easing the body and mind. Do avoid sugar in your oatmeal, though.
A bowl of oatmeal

Half a cup of cottage cheese: Wara it is called in Yoruba language. The slow-digesting proteins in cottage cheese/paneer keep your digestive system relaxed all night long. Besides, it contains tryptophan, the amino acid that plays a key role in promoting better sleep.
Half a cup of cottage cheese

A bunch of grapes: I was surprised to know that grapes are the only fruit that contain melatonin, the hormone famous for coming to the rescue of those who cannot sleep. Just munch grapes on their own or stir them into a bowl of yogurt for a lovely and soothing bedtime snack.
A bunch of grapes

Banana: the secret here is three-fold—potassium, magnesium and tryptophan, which combine in one wonderful fruit to help you say ‘goodnight.’
A banana

Toast: it’s hot, filling and comforting. And surprise, toast actually helps you sleep well, thanks to its being a trigger for insulin production, which in turn boosts the sleep-friendly brain chemicals serotonin and tryptophan.