Amazing: Nine Month Old Twins Can Swim Length Of A 25m Swimming Pool Unaided

Proud Parents Vic and Charley Flaunt Their Twins

Imagine the shock a parent is likely to express when they find out their child of nine months is able to swim the length of a swimming pool. That shock is more prominent when at that age they cannot sit up, crawl or walk on their own, but amazingly, put them in a pool and they will swim the entire length of a 25m pool unaided.

That is the strange but true story of Ellie and William Trykush, twins, born to proud first-time parents, Vic and Charley Trykush. The Trykush did not think their babies had a special talent, until they took them to parent and baby swimming classes for the first time.

Charley said: “I thought all babies could do it.

“It wasn’t until we came to swimming lessons and people got so excited about it that we realised just how unusual it was and how clever they were.”

Already, Dad Vic has his sights on seeing his water babies in the Olympics.

He said: “Now they can swim and seeing that they were born in an Olympic year, 2012, I would love to see them at the 2028 Olympics possibly, when they’re 16, doing the open water swim.”



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