Artist, Bigiano’s Explains Absence From Music Scene

Babalola Gabriel, aka Bigiano, is set to return to the music scene four years after his hit-song, Shayo, shot him to the limelight.


In a recent interview with LIFE&BEAT, Bigiano said his absence from the scene these past years was deliberate.

“I am back with a new image and motivational songs. I deliberately took the time off to re-position my brand. That was why I stopped performing at shows in Nigeria.

“I did not release any record for the past three years because I wanted to spend quality time with my family. But I have been touring parts of the UK and USA and recording songs.

“You will hear and see more of Bigiano the entertainer soon. I will be speaking for the oppressed and misused youths of this country. As leaders of tomorrow, Nigerian youths need positive changes. We are sick and tired of lies from our leaders.

“If this economic, political and social mismanagement continues like this, we may experience an uprising of the sort that no bullet or tank can stop.

“So, my messages will nudge the conscience of our bad leaders and inspire the youths to achieve the New Nigeria Dream for the good of all,” he said.

Now signed on to a new records label and management company, Bigiano plans to record a 15-track album, which will feature the likes of Akon, Wizkid, May D, Davido, Eva and some artistes from South Africa and the UK, in 2013.


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