Ask around, I am basically the only actress that has not slept with an actor – Cossy Orjiakor

cossy-orjiakorControversial and attention craving actress cum singer, Cossy Orjiakor, has come out to defend herself, after a fan recently accused her of being a whore, labelling her as the “ultimate ashi”.

In response to this allegation, Orjiakor, who has become popular for posting semi-nude pictures of herself on Twitter and Instagram, borrowed a popular cliche, insisting that a book must not be judged by its cover and she is the only actress, who has not slept with a fellow actor.

According to her updates on Twitter, she says, “To my faithful fans don’t be deceived by d ultimate ashi saga. Am basically d only actress that have not slept with an actor… Ask around

“S*x is sweet. I can’t denied that… But how can I be ultimate ashii. When I ve not had s*x for loong. Hmm don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Be true to ur self. Dream it, believe it, u will achieve it. Start today u will be amazed at what u will achieve in 5yrs, bad press kills.”

Perhaps this is Cossy’s way of saying… She needs an actor to get down with.

Source: Dailypost


  1. Bible says, woe unto whom through temptation comes.
    What U a wearing here is very poisonous and you know that clear.
    Am sure U have a very big mirrow and knew what U wore.
    Ur picture here depicts a prostitute though you a not.
    Even the DEVIL will FEAR and say I DID NOT TEMPT U TO THIS LEVEL. When U wear a police uniform to take picture, I will naturally call U a police.

    Infact, just repent and embrace good morals as taught by my Lord Jesus.

  2. 4get dat thing she might be telling d truth…everyone sin so let d press stop pointing finger’s on people….remove d dust 4rm ur eyes be4 removin d wood 4rm another man eyes…cossy keep it up am ur true fan

  3. Plz lets be attentive, she said she has not slept with a fellow actor and not an actres, manager, director, producer e.t.c. Someone who slept with an animal (dog) actors ll b too much for her.


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