Bankole Solomon Criticizes Pastor Adeboye Over Politicians

A former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Bankole Solomon, has criticized the General Overseer of the church, Pastor E A Adeboye, for allowing politicians into their annual RCCG Holy Ghost congress.


This is Bankole Solomon’s full statement:

“I know this post will attract a sharp condemnation because I worship in RCCG and I was once a pastor before I resigned voluntarily because of rights violations in the name of religion. I resigned in December 2010 but I am still worshiping there as an ordinary member. So, whatever I have here is without prejudice.

“Holy ghost congress of our great church is now a political congress where all shades of corrupt leaders will mount our altar to fool Nigerians on what they will do.

“Holy Ghost congress is now a supermarket where all kinds of people like charlatans and political opportunist come shopping turning God to father Christmas to give them end of the year bonus.

“Jonathan was even there turning our once sacred altar to political podium talking deceitfully and indirectly campaigning for 2015. My question is this? On what ground was president Jonathan allowed to speak to people. Is he a pastor? Because the gathering is purely a spiritual gathering and event.

“I’ve been a pastor in Redeemed for the past 10 years and I’ve not got any opportunity to sit on that altar not to talk of holding mic. If because Jonathan is a President and he is recognized, it means some are more equal than others.

“Immediately I left camp on Saturday morning, I looked at the camp very well because I know that would be the last time I will set my foot to that Eagle Square called Redeemed camp.”



  1. BaBankole Solomon, pls read the Bible and be wise. Something is wrong with you. You withdrew from ministerial staff of RCCG and decided to be worshipping with the floor members.How do you feel comfortable if truly you are called by God. Did you withdraw from the Ministry so as to be looking for faults of your leaders?(Lk.7:36-50; II Pet.2:10; Jude 8,10)

    • Solomon spoke his mind. So? Why condemn or judge him?

      Though GOD wants us to honour, pray and respect our leaders. Recognising Jonathan would have been more better NOT allowing him talk on the pupit. Religion should be separated. From politics.

    • Your name sounds like someone we already know among those ‘Yoruba’ franchised (419) managers of endless chains of RCCG branches like Seven-Eleven at every corner.
      Maybe those familiar with their shameful criminal dealings and ring of ‘anything goes’ mentality, will tell you more. The crocks that have as pastors around Europe are syndicates that defraud people around even some ends up in court where their lies even make Devil ashamed of them!
      If the man is a true man of God he will rebuke the evil gangs that constantly come to him for anointing, because God we know never anoint evil people or enemy of His people to lead them!
      He has never criticized any of those criminals yet he will take pleasure and photo shots at having them knee before him and the show of sham and shame of praying for them like they pray for the 419’s.
      Shame on them for making nonsense of the body of Christ!
      Yes, Jesus came for sinners, but not those that are unrepentant and wilful in their evil against others! Repent!!!

  2. Bankole, You just want sympanthy and publicity. If you don’t agree with the man of God, it shows how Unroyal you are. Go start your own church and see if you can rise to the levels of Great Men of God like Adeboye. You’ve got a Luciferic attitude that God cant use you Sir, You need deliverance.

  3. Pastor omotara, i am sorry to say that you have a shalow mind when it comes to spiritual matters. You may be a pastor but may not be a mature christian. There are various people who are on the pulpit without know the mind of the father, pls tell me of what use is it. There are many who withdrew from the altar and they are affecting their generation more than while on the altar. Was Paul, Peter and other apostle preaching altar? It is better if we know the heart of the Father than being altar crazy and lead people to hell.

    • Mr mathew And you would know who has a shallow mind and also one who is not a matured christian??? Some of you think because u go to church so regularly you have the right to classify others!

      Did we not have great Men in the bible who stood against the government?? Did they accept their donations??? Who is fooling who?? Daddy G.O is not God so I see no reason why his actions cannot be questioned…. Only God knows all! … Pls Try and THINK!!

    • Please let be sensible here. How can a so called man of God resign his appointmen t with God if he was genuinely BORN AGAIN? According to this fool, it was due to abuse of his right that made him quitted the work of his Father. I think there are no cause for arguements, we just have to believe that “HE IS CONFUSED” and he need direction. Please pray for solomon bankole so that he’ll understand the great commission

  4. I think in a way Solomon is right. Jonathan was not invited to an occasion where he can preach his political agenda. We don’t have to be sentimental in condemning other peoples opinions. Attacking Solomon because he spoke his mind is not the best.

  5. Well, for me, i dont want 2 knw if Mr A is right or Mr A is wrong. Looking at it from a more wholistic approach, the question is what if 15 presidential aspirants for 2015 election had visited the camp, would they all have been allowed to talk on the alter using the opportunity to spell out their manifesto or would it have been Jonathan alone allowed because he is the president?
    Think over it!

  6. Pastor Bankole Solomon, I think I understand ur view but don’t 4get that we all should respect d anointing Daddy G.O is carrying & not be a Judge becos u don’t know d grace of God upon his life. & pls don’t 4get d president is d NO 1 citizen of Nigeria so he must be acknowledge wherever he enters. Pls be guided.

  7. I’m not surprised that some nigerians would blindly jump into attacking bankole and they call themselves “christians”… What I call follow follow christians!! If u studied and believe in the bible shouldn’t you ignore rather than come here and start defending what you shouldn’t??… Bankole has a point!!!! Should the church be a political meeting place or a place that transmitts revolution?? Who should encourage the people to say no to bad governance if not our pastors?? Why grant Johnatha the opportunity to campaign in the church which should be a sacred ground??? Let’s not fool ourselves here! God does not support such and neither will I… Don’t be super dogmatic and unecessarily sentimental about the whole issue!! I expect u all reason and think!!

  8. Bro Solomon, If Jesus Christ can visit the likes of Nicodemus. My Daddy E.A. Adeboye is on tune by honouring the President of our nation. Remember Bible says Judge Not.. If you don’t come to Redemption City you have missed out finally from the Kingdom of Our Creator. Have a re-think and ask for forgiveness before it is too late. Who are you to condemned the creatures of your Creator.

  9. I’m short of words bcos of lack of spiritual orientation of mr solomon. The absence of u nd ur entire generatn cannot be felt in camp. God had told baba 4 some times now to prepare dt president ‘ll b coming 2 camp

  10. Solomon everybody has a right to his or her own perspective of things. But you know its so wrong for you to criticise Gods anointed. It brings a curse to you and your generation. Are you sure you were a pastor because you should know this. Please try and retrace your steps and don’t be carried away by frustration

  11. Let just ask 4 God grace in dis nation i think d men of God are right d president is a man of honour and he should be honour to d call but not to d level of propagating dea manifesto in God auditorium

  12. Ex Pastor Bankole Solomon are u sure God called u b4 u resigned in redeem? We are all lying. If u are in Pastor Adeboye’s shoes u will do more than that. Jonathan and other ur so called Chalatans are in position today and the Bible asks us to give honour to whom it is due to

  13. Former pAstor Bankole get a grip over ursef and get a life. Ist of all u claimed to av been a pastor in rccg 4 a decade now, den u shd no dat GEJ isn’t d ist president 2 mount dat stage! It’s biblical to respect leaders in power! ( U shd no dat).so y didn’t u speak out den? Wen other leaders come dey re acknowledged.that’s d’s obvious u’re seeking cheap popularity…. Mtchew! Once again; get a life!!

  14. Do dis man mean it is bad to honour president? Or has he proven jonathan is corrupt? Or do u mean adeboye should not respect our president? Pls jonathan deserve respect in any where all over d world due to what God has made him(president) and d bible even support it

  15. The word of God is like a double edged sword . My God is the God of the living , God is not a respecter of any man . The church is meant for any one who is seeking Christ Jesus . Let continue to demonstrate the Love of God not Judging or criticizing & read ur bible

  16. Former pastor solomon, I believe you need to go back to believer’s class that’s if u’ve ever been there before cos u spk like a babe. You’ve only displayed how little u know the holy book. I don’t think I shud start telling u all ur faults cos its obvious u won’t understand. Pls stop giving xtianity a bad name. One more thing, stop addressing yourself as a former pastor cos it shows u were nt called in d 1st place (may be u were flashed or it was a missed call). Otherwise, u wud hv waited for God’s instruction before u resigned, which I’m sure u dint cos if u did, ur statement wud be God told be to resign.

  17. Mr Bankole Solomon, whether or not d president came 2 camp, is not my business. First, u shld not judge cos u dnt knw GEJ’s positn wit GOD, why wil u call God’s created unholy? And i’m sure u knw dt GOD cals d wise tins of dis earth foolish nd cals d foolish tins wise. All of u dt said Adeboye invited GEJ 2 do campaign, did he tell Gej wt 2 say or ws he supposed 2 collect d mic 4rm him? Even if everytin u said is right, hw many times did u confront or send som words across 2 him? All u cld do ws 2 cm publicly nd disgrace ursef. And finaly, Mr Bankole, go settle wit God 4 dropping d assignment HE gave u in d first place in order 2 turn ursef 2 a judge.

  18. I am perturbed at times when I see the narrow-mindedness of a few and the sentimentality of some others.
    Case points:
    1. The Congress shouldnt be turned into a campaign ground bcos politicians now see it as that
    2. The GO has the obligation to acknowledge the number one citizen of Nigeria if he comes to such a gathering
    3. Pastor Bankole has a right to his opinions
    4. As we pray for political and religious leaders, we are not enjoined to keep mute; we can voice out our grievances. Even God encourages us to bring our strong reasons and produce our causes when we approach Him. So tell me why I can’t speak against what I see to be wrong.
    Study the Bible and history and you will understand that great revolutions in politics and religion are instituted by men of God who could question the status quo. E.g. Martin Luther, Isaiah, even Jesus Himself. You can not be too anointed not to be a man!

  19. The bible says there are ways that seems right to a man but the end is destruction. We don’t need to condem anybody here as christians rather,let’s encourage mr bankole to focus on God alone and forget politice and pastors.

  20. I am not condeming your opinion but as a christian who have read the bible, i believe that you should understanding how the anointing works. Imagine david who had opportunity to destroy saul several times never did that because he recognised the anointing upon him and knew that the anointing must be respected. Do u know that the anointing upon the G.O must be respected, because it is God that made him the leader. It is so obvious that you don’t respect the anointing and must have left your pastorial calling because you were chastised. Why did you choose to publish this if your plan was not to distroy the ministry, God will have mercy on you. Brother solomon God loves you and thats why He corrected you. Please don’t give chance to the devil because of this because you know that the plan of God for you is good not of evil to give you a hope and a future. God who have been living in the experience of you before you were born loves you so much and is not condeming you please come back bro solomon we love you.

  21. pls don’t speak bad warld to a man of God,cos prophet of God are agent of turnaround in life,think of ur own wahala n live some life alone n dont comend on tings u don hve ideas.pastor adeboye is a man call by God

  22. His ways are not our ways.God know why everything around us happens so who are we to judge?when jonah refused to go to neniveh,it was believed in the eyes of men that he sinned against God and therefore should be killed cos the sin of disobedient is as the sin of witchcraft and should be punished by death,but I believe that God needed it to be that way cos using the fastest means of transportation known to man then it will take him close to 30 days to get to nineveh from where he was and God wanted this work done in 3 days and the only way to make that trip in 3 days was by fish.who says we know his thought so pastor Bankole u don’t know it all

  23. Wht ar we talkin abt? I thought JESUS said he didn’t come 4 d righteous bt sinners bsides is Goodluck a devil or God’s creature n number 1 citizen of Nigeria in dat mata a man in authority whch d Bible says we shud respect. Tell me Mr solo b sentimental free wht will U hv done if U were 2 b at adeboye’ shoes

  24. Point of correction, Daddy G.O did not invite d president to d pulpit for him to campaign so l don’t undrstand why some pple keep talking as if he did. All he did was to give honour to d president as a leader which is biblical if u all read ur bible very well. Besides, as a man of God he is not to judge or condemn any one but find a way to bring them to christ. Remember dt Jesus didn’t come for saints but for sinners. It is so saddening to hear d so called xtains use insultive n abusive language on each other. May God av mercy on us. Mr Bankole, l will advice u hold tight ur faith in God n not allow things like this make u miss the Kingdom of God. I am not asking u to go back to redeem but to christ n look unto Him alone, the author n the finisher of our faith. Let us all leave judgement to God n focus on pleasing God. God help us all.

  25. Very sentimental comments. Someone calling the other a fool, forgetting what Jesus said about calling your fellow man a fool. All in the process of defending the views of men. What we now have are men of God trying to play God, while their ignorant religious fanatics ready to defend them at all cost. But God is not a respecter of any man.

  26. I think that If even if daddy GO did not invite the President, the onus on Daddy GO to at least recognise him and also give him the oppourtunity to address his citzens, because as it si now that is whom we all are. If the President now takes advantage of that to campaign that let us leave that to him and very sure the GO did not ask him to do that.
    We must also understand that Jesus wined and dined with many political leaders of his time

    • And God will punish you for calling him a FoOL.. You see, u r not different from those religious extremist. The man gave his opinion and u call him a fool?? Did u take ur time to think through what he said?? Then u would call yourself a better christian. Ask yourself what God feels about your actions. THE CHURCH SHOULD NEVER BE A POLITCAL CAMPAIGN GROUND!!!

  27. pls let us have better understandind of the issue. if daddy adeboye honour the president it is biblical but what bankole fail to know is that a president can’t just visit a place like the camp and expect him to keep quiet without addressing his citizens. if he chooses to campaign do expect daddy adeboye to collect mic from him to ridicule d no one symbol of nigeria home and abroad and to make cnn and bbc headline news? bankole u need to respect our president.

  28. If u really want to understand how most christians view things,all u need do is to read comments on this kind of issue.If Bankole could blaim G.O for allowing the president of Nigeria to address the congregation and some of u are saying what he did is fair,then I think u need to be referred to a verse in the bible when Jesus Christ spotted Zachaeus on a tree,he called him down and he told him that salvation has come unto him from that day,so why do we like judging peoples’ action.Everything happening today has once happened in the bible to our Lord Jesus Christ but many of us only concentrate on God’s blessing all the time.

  29. I want us all to understand that on no ground should we judge anyone let alone critisizing a man of God cos its clearly written in the bible that touch not my annointed ones and do my prophet no harm.whether they are on the right track or not God has a way of dealing with them.Iam not in position to judge pastor bankole but I want us all to know that the bible says we give honour to whom honour is due.God want us to respect our leaders.G.O did not go to aso rock to pray for the president(even if he does dt means God has instructed him to go),the president went to camp to seek God’s face and there is no crime if he address his citizen cos he is a leader of the nation and we are his subjects(he is not a presidential candidate he is the president)Let us note that true men of God do not do anything without God’s instruction.whatever actions they take ,they have the fuLl backing of God cos they carry the annointing of God as long as its not devil action

  30. Bankole needs his head & spiritual life examine. no body makes u a judge, if u are conversant with ur bible,note that men of God ‘ll be judge with much strictness James 3:1-3. work out ur salvation lest ur tongue send u to condemnation forever. ur judgement awaits u.
    Why did u hate this pastor with passion ? all ur article reads d same for yrs now. seek d face of God well. If there is anything he’s doin well then contact him directly not thru condemnation.


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