Bisi Ibidaope-Obe Names New Born Daughter After Former Reps Member

Controversial Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe whose pregnancy generated so much furore, is bound to raise quite some dust once more after putting to bed as she has named the baby after former house of representatives member, Dino Melaye who she said impregnated her. The anti-corruption crusader has denied the pregnancy and labelled her allegations as ‘cheap blackmail’.

Bisi held a christening for her baby yesterday at her Magodo, Lagos residence. The baby’s christening was led by clergymen from the Celestial Church of Christ with friends and family members in attendance

The babies names are Precious Oluwajomiloju Abikeade Melaye. It is yet to be seen how Dino Melaye will respond to this latest use of his name.


  1. Congratulations Bisi, I like & support ur courage. Yes, u met him April & u delivered in November which is accurate according to good gynaecologist is two wks b4 or after. U had urs 2wks b4 congrats. Let dm say God will vindicate u to d last. Am in ur shoe as well but mine accepted bt nt responsible financially. But God dt made it easy Fr u will do mine too……….amen

    • April to November does not add up according to good gynaecologist. She is expected to be due in January. If this baby is full term, they need to re-check the date they met. As for your issue, may you be vindicated if you are being truthful.

  2. Well, it had happened already, even though the people involved are not teenagers and inexperienced, let Mr. Melaye, swear with his life, that he never had extra-marital affair with the actress, and let the actress too swear with her life, that it’s only Melaye, that had ever had his way up till when she took in; if both are confident to do this, Melaye will be exonorated one way or the other. Chikena! I hope the baby grows up to learn from the circumstance of her birth and take marriage’s institution very seriously.

  3. DNA??? Dont you thing he might pay d doctors off and get false result just to deny d child’s paternity and vice-versa? Sure! Bisi can also do dat if she’s really after d man’s money. Be wise! Women r desperate..

  4. U met a man 1st time in ur life on April, called dat u’re pregnant on May. D Man denied it, and immediately went on air to publicize it by June, d following month. Don’t u tink it’s nomal for a relatnship dat’s not up to a month? What kind of a woman in her right senses & of gud moral & intension wuld av acted in a such babaric, ungodly & shameful way for a man u claim is goin to be a father to ur child. What am saying if u realy meant well & sincere wit urself & d man, dat dia’s no doubt about ur prehgnancy, going on media was not d best option regardin circumtnces surroundin ur relatnship. Later, if truly it’s true, he’s goin to luk 4 u & beg u, dan to be makin shameful history for ur unborn child. If u blaim men till tomoro, it doesn’t remove any hair from dem, dia’s notin like a disgrace in d part of men rather destroying ur own future. Sombody said Dino is a disgraced to d house, com off it, who among dem does not do it, even Jona himself. Dey wil just make her a topic for a laughing stock to relax dia nerves one day & forget if. Bcos datz dia private lives, different from dia officia statees. Even ur husbands do it. The moment we get d fact dat we’re in men’s word d better. It is wen we Ladies can be able to carry ourselves wit dignity, morally & value ourselves high, dats wen we will regain our respect back.