BREAKING NEWS: Kidnappers Of Okonjo-Iweala’s Mother Demand 1Billion Dollars Ransom

The Kidnappers that Abducted 82 Years Old Mother Of Finance Minister Prof. Kanene Okonjo at their family home in Ogwashi uku, Delta state, are demanding for a whopping $1 billion ransom.

Majesty, Professor Chukwuka Aninshi Okonjo Agbogidi, the reigning Obi of Ogwashi-Uku kingdom was kidnapped Sunday at about 1:30 pm from the husband’s palace at Ogbe-Ofu quarters in Ogwahi-Uku by eight gunmen who stormed the palace in two Audi cars.
The demand for a $1billion ransom according to source was relayed to the family of the woman this morning.

Its yet to be seen how the family will react to this development, but in a statement made available to yesterday, the minister’s spokesman Paul Nwabuikwu said; “at this point, it is difficult to say whether those behind this action are the same people who have made threats against the Coordinating Minister in the recent past or other elements with hostile motives. No possibility can be ruled out at this point.


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  • Thief don catch thief today…she can afford the money its too small for her…if she cant the government can since dey cant provide jobs for the kidnappers well then they can giv them the $1billion dollars to start up a business…“When Obasanjo left office in
    2007, he left $27 billion in excess
    crude account. That money could
    have been used to give us critical
    infrastructure. If you engage $2
    billion to extract electricity from
    Mambilla water, you will employ
    not less than a million people,
    both direct and part-time
    employment. If Obasanjo has
    used $10 billion for modern rail-
    line, it could have engaged over
    10 million Nigerians in the rail-
    line construction only. When it
    starts running, it will engage a lot
    of people because each railway
    station is a new town. “If they
    have used one billion to develop
    coal deposit in Enugu, Benue,
    Kogi and Gombe, it will not only
    produce electricity but it will
    engage over a million people.
    But the corrupt minds of our
    leaders wont allow Nigeria to
    So thats how we get the kidnappers getting back at the government.

    • Paul, its really bad for you to approve of the action of these people .Now if you were to be in Ngozi’s shoes, would you pray for kidnappers to visit you?.Call a spade a spade please.

    • The main kidnappers is the devil, who kidnaps the loves for one another, there by causing hatred, greed’s,killings assassin, terrorism and all others social devises. Not until we all go back to the genue love of God for one another, we are only postponing the evils day.If actually you love her as you love yourself you will not make such a comment, Love covers multitude of sins.

  • Ah. God!!!! D fact say she was once in world bank doesnt mean she sold world bank b4 she left. I realy feel 4 u. Jst make effort to trace d kidnappers bt nt to pay d ransom. Inshort at 82 ur mama don try. She will b even glad dat no ransom was paid cos def na hrt attack d old woman get nd who knws ……………

  • This is also a signs of greediness, can will call this too poverty, definitely this signs shows that love as loss it place in the heart of many. May God deliver her from the hands of those who doesn’t want her to eat the fruits of her lab our.Let go back to true love.

  • the ransom is still moderate,THEY can afford it. you see,when we are saying this country is no longer save,some people said we are projecting nigeria in a bad light. you see now!

  • He who kills with a sword would die by the sword. It is tym 4 one of the ruling elite to taste what a common man tastes. Let her use d petrol subsidy and save her moda

  • She shud be able to pay them from d subsidy money she n alison madueke stole from nigeria masses THIEF want to collect money from THIEF absolute RUBBISH.

  • Where would they keep that money? This is greed at its peak. Haba!!! Make she steal or sell herself to pay $1 billion. Make the mum c just die now.lolz

  • where on earth would she get such an amount from? well its not even for me to worry about sha… govt people so na only them know how to clean up their mess. madam minister hehehehehe the Lord is your muscle. second base jare

  • where on earth would she get such an amount from? well its not even for me to worry about sha… govt people so na only them know how to clean up their mess. madam minister hehehehehe the Lord is your muscle. next person plz

  • This is outrageous.
    $1billion to release an 85yrs old woman? Somebody tell me is a lie, because if I am part of the okonjo’s family, I would never allow that to happen, I will use the money to start burial preparations. Kidnappers can rot in hell for all I care.

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