Chaos As Money Changes Into A Bird, Then Starts Talking

There was pandemonium at Mbare Musika Rank on Wednesday amid claims that a stash of US$350 that transformed into a small bird which then started talking.

A huge crowd gathered and it needed police intervention as the mob wanted to beat up the Dzivarasekwa-based cross border trader identified as Immaculate Chirunga (33).

She had to escape in a kombi which took her to Mbare Police Station for protection. Witnesses who spoke to our news crew confirmed that indeed the money changed into a bird which later spoke.

The money was meant to pay for the services provided by a Chipinge-based sangoma as per their contractual agreement. Immaculate confirmed that indeed the bird ‘talked’ and she was not moved because she was aware of the powers of the sangoma whom she has consulted.

“I was not scared or moved when the money changed into a bird. I know Sekuru Mudapaviri Ndoro’s extra-ordinary powers,” said Immaculate.

The woman revealed that she consulted Sekuru Mudapaviri Ndoro after she lost her goods to a kombi crew on her way from South Africa two weeks ago. Immaculate claims that she was given some juju and the robbers returned her stuff at her parents’ Chadcombe house. However, her joy short-lived.

She delayed paying Sekuru Ndoro his charge of US$50 for the juju, which was meant to work for three weeks and ‘unfortunately’ the grace period expired on Wednesday.

Immaculate claims that when she put her money on the bed it turned into a bird which instructed her to travel to Birchenough Bridge.

Said Immaculate: “I had US$350 yesterday and the money suddenly changed into this bird and I was not afraid since I knew what I did and I also knew Sekuru Ndoro’s powers. The bird told me that I should take it to Birchenough Bridge.

She said when she arrived at Mbare Musika, her brother phoned her questioning her why she had used juju to recover her stuff and that is when Sekuru Ndoro, speaking through the bird, intervened.

Immaculate was then mobbed by Mbare traders who wanted an explanation on how a bird which is not a parrot could talk, for a parrot is believed to have the ability to mimic human speech.

“I went to Cape Town two weeks ago along with my two colleagues since I am a cross border trader and we were robbed by the kombi crew. The kombi stopped in the middle of the bush and the crew took all our valuables and my friends resisted prompting a thorough bashing from the robbers.

I was lucky since I surrendered all my belongings and they gave me R300 for complying with their orders before they went away,” she said.

The woman revealed that the robbers confessed and when she phoned Sekuru she was advised to charge them US$500 and six cows for the offence.

“Sekuru told me to open my bags and surprisingly they were beaten thoroughly by invisible things. Sekuru told me to get US$500 plus six cows for the payment from the robbers. He advised me that I should give him US$350 for his job before my return to South Africa,” she narrated.

Immaculate is a single mother of three and her husband died after killing his brother-in-law. She claims that in her previous transactions with Sekuru Ndoro, she sent her payment via an unnamed driver.

“He told me to tie the money and put it in a flowing river. I did that and he later called me confirming that he had received the money”

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