Controversy Trails Patience Jonathan’s Dressing To Brother-In-Law’s Burial

The burial ceremony of president Jonathan’s younger brother, Chief Meni Jonathan in Otuoke, Bayelsa state last Saturday, December 8th, has come and gone but tongues are wagging over the first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan’s choice of outfit for the solemn occasion.

The first lady was dressed in a black coloured gown with heavy gold embroidery and gele to match, heavy make-up and decked in jewelleries in sharp contrast to her husband, president Jonathan, who was decked in a simple black long sleeve shirt, navy blue trousers with a fez cap to match.

Now, not that there’s a particular dress code for burial ceremonies, the grief and sadness in the air makes it a fashion faux pas to be dressed elegantly or heavily accessorized as our own first lady – a simple plain black gown without designs or embroidery with a smaller head cover should’ve been appropriate and the make up should’ve been toned down a bit; it is a burial (her brother-in-law’s for that matter) not wedding or naming ceremony.

But hey! She is the first lady of the Federal Republic and moreso, she is Patience Jonathan…


  1. Nigerians will soon start choosing what the first lady wears,dont forget she is first ,Jonathans wife.Please let leave her alone.

    • U guys are complaining on her out fit….. I wonder wat d case wld be if she was allowed to deliver a speech…..Lobatan#

  2. This is rubbish journalism. There are more important news out there to be featured and someone chose this? What has Journalism turned into?

    You claimed this has been making the news? You lied, I’m just hearing about it. If you guys are tired of doing your job, kindly fold up like News of The World did and stop feeding us with gibberish and balderdash

  3. This is barbaric situation alot of issues are to be address in this Country especially in security aspect which is important to any nation.while our journalist were interested in family affair which does not even concerning we Nigerian.Infact my advise is that they should at least quit the job if they are not capable to present the news that we people will benefits from it.

  4. So U expected her to be in a “deeper live” gown and use ashes for make-up. Improve on ur reporting or consider a career switch. I suggest farming.

  5. Since this is her first public appearance after coming from Germany,she must appear gorgeous,that is why she dressed to kill to the funeral(pun not intended)

  6. It seems something is highly wrong with nigeria journalist.why make dis a news?infact how does d first lady dressing to her brother in law’s burial affect journalist?ok!i see,it is as a result of their joblessness

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