Covenant University (CU) Student Bags Suspension after being Caught Watching Music Video

A clip from the video
A clip from the video

There is certainly not going to be an end to the controversies that emerge from Nigeria’s privately owned – especially Christian – Universities. And when it come to controversies one of the universities in the forefront in this regard is no other than Covenant University (CU) in Ogun State.

Reports emerging from the university has it that say that a student of the institution was recently suspended after he was caught watching the music video teaser for Jarmeu’s ‘Booty Bash’. The Covenant University student (identity withheld), was caught watching the nearly x-rated music video of Jarmeu, who is one of Nigeria’s fast rising artistes.
The school, which is owned by Nigeria’s billionaire’s pastor, David Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel Church, as most people might have heard, does not allow the use of mobile phones by its students.

Therefore, when the student’s phone was seized, it was discovered that he had been watching a music video that had the flaunting of ‘booties’, which belonged to Jarmeu. The student was then punished for ‘indecent conduct’ and got suspended from the school by the school authorities.



  1. Where there is no rule(s), there is no sin. So it’s been for long. And I believe every schools has their rules and regulations. so thus CU. And these rules were not hidden to anyone intending to enroll at the said schools which I believe the said student is very well aware of the school rules and regulations. If he is suspended for breaking any rule he agreed to uphold be joining the school in the first place and get punished for it, We should not try to hide the truth: the school management has done nothing wrong here less call it controversial.

    • This is the generation of “anything goes”. I like places where there is godly rules…human being need it. See what America has become just because of “freedom”. There problem did not happen overnight, it is a cumulate result of a little compromise here and there.

  2. It is the nigerian government I blame for this rubbish. When they can provide education and thus forcing students to this so called archaic minded schools. Which country that wants to develop stops its future leaders from being conversant in IT. CU and all the christian run universities should behave like people in the 21st century.

  3. Welcome to Covenant University, where real Christianity is portrayed, mind you, muslims are extremists. You don’t need cellphones here and very soon, our punishments will include the use of burning at stake. Because the lord is a man of war. Hallelujah. Sit back and relax and you must bring your bible to prayer everyday, regardless of your religion. We are very tolerant unlike other Islamic schools that tolerate and respect people of all religion. Thank you.

  4. Wow! Thats a welcomed development..
    The school has rules, and the students who are subjects there must have been briefed about the zero tolerance for indecency.
    So, its an agreement between the school and the students. If the students cant bear with the rules, there are a 1001 other universities+polytechniques+COEs that are open for admission.
    This is pure bridge of agreement and the culprit has to face the music.

  5. Reading through the comments posted above, two people’s comment caught my attention and they did speak the truth. From the onstart, each student signs the form of all the prohibited items. As someone mentioned above, it is a deal between the school and the students and whosoever violates shall be punished. The student in question got what he/she deserved. CU is known for discipline and rides shoulder high among all other universities when it comes to discipline. For those out there who are incorrigible, unteachable, unadviceable, the place to be is CU. God bless you.

  6. Its amazing the way pple thnk in this country. Am a proud graduAte of covenant university, nd for d one who said we r nt conversant wit IT, get ur facts right before u open ur pie hole. The kid was jst suspended, he should thank God. The normal punishment for posessn a fone nd watching a music video wit pornographic scene is expulsion. Nobody is beggn u to come to covenant university, u knew d rules b4 u came in. If u cnt adhere, bishop says it eVery time, get ur load nd get out. Shikena

    • Its not by force just as Bob said…… has rules, and the students who are subjects there must have been briefed about the zero tolerance for indecency.
      So, its an agreement between the school and the students. If the students cant bear with the rules, there are a 1001 other universities+polytechniques+COEs that are open for admission.
      This is pure bridge of agreement

  7. Private owned religious institution will wake us back to the medivial era, when basic human rights are being denied from citizens in the name of rules, which are clearlly dogmatic and should not exist in the first place.

  8. If it’s been done in any muslim or Islamic university the people will say they’re Boko Harams. But now that it’s been done in a christian university, well done is the comment of the day to the university authority from the hypocrites.

  9. Seriously all of you supporting that obnocious rule are stack hypocrites. Bishop doesn’t allow phones in his school but he allows phones and all kinds of dressing in the church. He even uses smartphones in the church. Pls which is more importat…the school or the church? Who is deceiving who? They gather all the wealth and world properties and build schools their members children cant attend. No pastor in Nigeria is Christ-like. I never saw anywhere in the bible where Jesus had horses, camels, sheep and goats and houses. We know of him feeding thousands. Our pastors have gone astray. God save your church.

    • Bros na u know dt one o…Be careful wt ur words…Id they discipline dem now for their future to be in order its not bad at all…Education without good moral or discipline equal to d corruptible life we r xperiencing today in our country..Train up a child/youth in d way of d lord b4 they become independent adult!!!

  10. First nd foremost,d dude was wrong cos he must av known. D rule before breaking. It…but on the flip side, which modern day tertiary institution bans d use of cell fones? So let me guess, laptops nd other IT gadgets are prohibited too abi? So if I’m a CU student, I would be totally shut out from the outside world which includes my loved ones abi?…if I’m an IT geek who hopes to start a career IT applications,how does the rules help my ambition…me thinks that rule is just an aim at self righteousness nd hypocrisy…dem talk am sey anybody wey wan register for the school must be a staunch born again christian na, den we will know how many people will pay their outragiously high school fees..hypocrisy of the highest order! Mtcheeeeew!

  11. If the rule is no cell phones, then take it or leave it. Having a cell phone is not a right. All sorts of people come to church. They cannot be regulated. School is a regulated environment. Break the regulations and bear the consequences.

  12. this is trash, everyone in the school is human like every other persons in federal and state universities, everyone hav their life to live as an adult, u choose wat u want, either to be morally upright or to be corrupt. even banning of cell fones from matured adult in universities can neva b d solution. do u know wat dey do behind u? University is not for kids, its for grown up pple/matured minds and a place where u begin to build/shape ur life outside academics, so pple shud not be restricted to use normal tins cause other pple are using to do evil, that means internet and laptop shud be banned too. Set the basic rules and policies, teach students the importance of living an upright lyf and not treat them like nursery school children. Let them be exposed to things happening around, that way dey can also meet up/stand up to others from federal/state universities. av discovered that most graduates esp those who jst finished secondary sch and got into all dis private universities at once cant relate properly as a graduate cause of lack of exposure compared to other universities. Better rules and reasonable ones should be put in place and not cell fone, laptop, no going out etc

  13. Teach the child the way to go…when he grows up he shall not depart from it. At the point of admission the laws and regulations guiding students in the school were clearly stated in the student hand book and disciplinary measures alike. The moment you agree to abide by the laws and regulations guiding an institution there should be no justification for breaking them. If that student is not punished every single rule in that school would be broken and then it will become a lawless place. CU dis the right thing 8 that’s what breaking such rule attracts…Any other student who is serious should take his or her studies serious. ..when he gets to his father’s house and he intends to watch all the x – rated videos in the world so be it. ..

  14. Hahahahahaha! No use of phone reminds me those days when i was in boarding in secondary school. I have a little cousin who is @ Covanant University, he makes me laugh any time he comes home for holidays because they are not as tough, rugged and sophisticated like some of us who passed through the four walls of circular university who have seen the ancient and modern.

  15. people should stop making mountain out of mole hill. There are thousand educative issues for public descourse. What’s wrong with an institution be it academic or social to enact laws that guides it to a desired height? The cause of all the ills we have in Nigeria today is lawlessness and those who pertrate or intend to…still want every sphere of our existence to adopt the statusco. Convenant University has right to protect her name in any form without recourse to condemnation. The student deserved what befell him or her.

  16. In this generation where communication is the high point of living? In an institution you ban hand sets? Not so good. Is this directive from God? It looks like this is a detention camp for training and indoctrinating students to dictates of its purpose.
    I will like the human right organization and other human right bodies and the government to investigate this type of institutions which am sure they will be able to see a refined cultism which is in our end time companies called churches. Tunde (of blessed memories) was right when he was pushing for a law to force churches to pay taxes. There is money in church business in Africa these days.

  17. I am no here to argue who is right or wrong in this issue. One thing is paramount in our country and that is the way people take every action of any body who claims to be man of God. Communication is very vital and people should not toy with it in life. Pls let’s put sentiments aside and filter every actions of people correctly by giving the right judgement so that our country will be healed. Thank u

  18. Y’all are talkin bou rules how many of u hv sucessfully obeyed a rule in ur life n speackin of the church n the bible what do u know abt the bible wen u even get decieved wit it day in day out.parents has a role 2 play it isn’t easy as a student 2 b without a fone aint u wif 1?her parent might hv forced her into the skl u shud neva pass judgment on a person wen ur not in that persons shoe

  19. First of all, the school was not built from the offerings of Church members. No offering was collected to help build CU. Secondly, it is important to note that talking does work for students who are good and respectful. However, some parents send their wards there to be changed. So judge for yourself, will talking still change those ones or do you think their parents have not tried that option? Coupled with the fact that these bad ones might infect the good ones. How would you feel if you sent your child to a school to learn more than just schoolwork and the child comes back with no schoolwork and vices that wreck the child’s life, you might want to blame the school somehow. Most people just say what they like because they have experienced managing their children through teenage to adulthood. Most youth are not so easy to convince by mere talking and that’s because they don’t understand life. Many reasonable youths won’t be acting the way they do now when they are 35 or 40. If you have ever had to work your ass out to ensure that your little son goes to school and becomes someone of repute in life, and then your son meets the wrong set of friend in sec. school, you would start looking for schools like CU and if you don’t, you just might do the same thing, if not worse.