Dental Drill Accident: Drill Bit Found In Woman’s Lung

Dentist's drill
Dentist’s drill

A dental implant surgery turned into a nightmare as the dentist’s drill came unstuck, fell down the patient’s throat and landed in her right lung, an accident which has now been reported to the authorities.

The dental drill accident happened to a 60-year-old woman in Sweden. The woman was undergoing surgery when the dentist’s drill bit broke off. Before the dentist could act, the woman swallowed the drill bit, and it was too late to try and remove it manually.

An x-ray later showed that the 3-centimeter bit had lodged itself behind her right lung, which turned a dental drill accident into a dental drill disaster. Doctors immediately performed emergency surgery, removing the drill bit with a microscopic tube and pliers.

It took the woman more than a month to fully recover after the dental drill accident – not exactly what the doctor ordered. [Vibe]

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