Early Morning Raid On Kenyan Coastal Region Leaves 28 Dead

“What they did to us in not as worse as what we are doing to ourselves” – Wole Soyinka. The Nobel laureate made the assertion in relation to the accusation of Africa’s colonial masters as the major cause of the continent’s problems but for how long will we keep accusing the ‘oyinbo’ for our own short-comings? Even as ‘black’ Africans, from the east of Africa to the west and from north to south of the continent, the color of our skins repulse us so much that we kill our fellow ‘brother’ for the most mundane reasons.

Tribal and communal clashes seem to have survived the years to remain perpetually with us as raiders attacked Kenya’s volatile coastal Tana Delta region in an early morning raid, killed villagers and burnt homes and left 28 people dead, police said on Friday.

Crime Scene Of The Raid That Left 28 Dead
Crime Scene Of The Raid That Left 28 Dead

It is believed that the raid is a revenge attack following clashes between farmers from the Pokomo tribe and semi-nomadic Orma tribesmen, who have fought for years over access to grazing, farmland and water in the coastal region.

In a series of attacks earlier this year, more than 100 people have been killed and this latest attack just adds to the number.

“About 150 Pokomo raiders attacked Kipao village which is inhabited by the Ormas early Friday, but the Ormas appeared to have been aware and were prepared. A confrontation ensued and as result 19 Ormas and 9 Pokomos were killed,” Robert Kitur, Coast Region deputy police chief, told reporters.


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