Enebeli Elebuwa: Nollywood Actors/Actresses Are Hypocrites – Stella Damasus

What appears to be an insider account of what happens in Nigeria’s movie industry popularly referred to as Nollywood, was given by Stella Damasus recently in an interview.


The sultry actress was speaking in reaction to the demise of Enebeli Elebuwa who died on the 5th of December in India after battling with stroke. Damascus accused her colleagues in the industry of playing to the gallery when the veteran actor was ill and expressed her anger that rather than show genuine concern, they were busy seeking means of enriching their own pockets.

“I’m very angry because the people in my industry are hypocrites. she started. “That man was ill for a long time in lagos and they turned it into a fanfare. People would go and visit him and take pictures with him, post it on twitter, on Facebook, on their blogs; they used it to make people feel that they are philanthropists but nobody lifted a finger to take care of him or help his family.

“They are more interested in politics; who would be president, how they can visit dignitaries, who would dash them money. Nobody cares about the elderly people in the industry. We know how to celebrate people when they die, but when they are alive, what do we do for them, especially the sick ones?

“The Delta state government eventually sponsored him to India. I’m just very pained,” she said sadly.


  1. First , I love Stella Damasus o ! But y didn’t she say this before this man died so that Enebeli and family cld at least rip off d “hypocrisy”. Y mention it now ? And what did she do ? A case of pot calling kettle black! No nollywood actor or actress likes to be a quiet philantropist

  2. Stella D, dont mind thoes money bags! Nemesis’ll soon catch up with them (those that refuse to help the needy while they’re still alive)… God punish devil! R.i.p E.E.

  3. Ofcos for her to voice this out it mean she did something but eventually d man died. D truth is not only nollywood is all over d world celebrat u when u r up and doing but when something happen that’s when u know ur real friends. RIP great hero u really made us proud wth ur acting prowess Nigeria will miss u people Sam Loco, Pete Ene, Asley Nwoso etc

  4. Stella dats d fact, bt u c dis issue of assistin d destitute ones is wher our society failed totally. D rich ar getin richer whil d poor ones ar getin poorer. N’t only dos dat ar in movie industry. Is evry wher, no 1 is ready 2 serv. D rich ar n’t ready 2 giv out deir wealth due 2 selfisnex.

  5. Yes,like what Stella said,the industry is filled with hypocrites whose only means is to enrich themselves by whatever means.As for Enebeli Elebuwa’s health,I want use this medium to thank one man that the industry don’t know the role he has been playing by helping and reaching out to Nollywoodians .This man is Dr. Barclays Ayakoroma,the Executive Secretary of the National Institute of Cultural Orientation(NICO).This man has been very helpful to lots of artistes in this country ,but still don’t sound any trumpet..He came all the way from Abuja more than ones with Mr.Ebi Campbell to visit Enebeli in Lagos at his home.I was there with them.He was of great help and support to Late Ndubuisi Okoh by taking him to various doctors in Bayelsa state for medical assistance.For now,Nollywood is not an industry or profession one can die for.I have been in entertainment and show business all my life and I know what I am talking about.The government has never been responsible in any form to encourage us in pratice and afterward.Now,there is this new method and format of collecting money by some individuals from the government on behalf of other practitioners in Nollywood.The government would not make enabling laws backing up to back the industry for betterment through the various guilds but will want to negotiate individually with the artistes on one-on-one basis.That is why the guilds are non-functional and artistes are dying daily.I feel for all of them.For now,it is still a road too far for sucess..

  6. Rest in peace my dearest uncle Enebeli Enebuwa.when i heard of ur death.i was shocked because i love him so much.i could remember when u had an injury in ur eyes.i was there and i helped u home thinking dat u will stay with us but it pains me 2 hear dat u av gone.R:I.P pa guru.gud nyt dearest uncle


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