Enforcement of capital punishment would greatly reduce crime rate in Nigeria – Legal Practitioner

A lot of Nigerians will definitely agree with legal practitioner, Dr. Alex Izinyon (SAN), when on Sunday in Abuja, he said that the enforcement of capital punishment in Nigeria would greatly reduce crime rate in the country.

According to Izinyon, in countries like Malaysia, China and Singapore where capital punishment is in place, the level of crime is very low. Izinyon, who spoke with journalists during the consecration of Pastor Micheal Akpami as the Bishop of Global Revival Gospel Ministries, added that the judiciary should ensure that there was fair treatment and justice in the matter.

In his words: “We must have capital punishment in Nigeria; even in the United States of America, capital punishment exists. So why can’t we have capital punishment in Nigeria? Although there may be people who could be executed innocently, that would be unfortunate… But that means the fault lies in the machinery of justice to ensure that there is adequate fair treatment in the matter. That would ensure that innocent people are not executed. As far as I am concerned, I advocate capital punishment in Nigeria, not necessarily for corruption but for other offences like murder.”

Meanwhile, the newly consecrated Bishop, Michael Akpami, stated that asides capital punishment, fervent prayers would go a long way to sanitise the country of criminality and all other forms of vices.


  1. There will always be problem when the truth stands face to face with you and you choose to uphold falsehood. That’s the situation of Nigeria. I pray we come back to senses one day.


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