Experts Find Evidence That Proves Noah’s Biblical Flood Occurred

Noah's Ark, Italianate mural painting, mid 16th century studiolo

While some believe Bible tales like the story Noah’s Ark are exaggerated folklore, one underwater archaeologists has found evidence that may prove otherwise.

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour for ABC News, Robert Ballard, one of the world’s best-known underwater archaeologists, talked about his findings. His team is probing the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey in search of traces of an ancient civilization hidden underwater since the time of Noah.

Robert Ballard showing a picture of his evidence
Robert Ballard showing a picture of his evidence

“Where I live in Connecticut was ice a mile above my house, all the way back to the North Pole, about 15 million kilometers, that’s a big ice cube,” Ballard said. “But then it started to melt. We’re talking about the floods of our living history.”

Here’s how it relates back to Noah & that ark. Four hundred feet below the surface of the Black Sea region, Ballard and his team unearthed an ancient shoreline, proving to him that some sort of catastrophic event did actually happen. By carbon dating shells found along the shoreline, Ballard said he believes they have established a timeline which is estimated to have occurred around 5,000 BC—right around the time when Noah’s flood could have occurred.

Ballard does not think he will ever find Noah’s Ark, but he does think he may find evidence of a people whose entire world was washed away about 7,000 years ago. He and his team said they plan to return to Turkey next summer.