Fact Or Fiction: Using-Answering The Cell Phone While Charging Is Dangerous

Alleged Devastating Effect Of Using A Mobile Phone Plugged To A Power Outlet

This myth will not just go away with a wave of the hand as I just read somewhere, a recent post, how a guy whose mobile phone was charging, received a call and was immediately flung to the floor following an explosion. According to the news, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Guess what was to blame? Mobile phone. The story goes to advice people to unplug their phones from the power outlet while charging before answering a call.

So, is that a myth, fiction or fact? Our findings reveal that the above situation could be considered valid only to the extent that there is potential for mishap whenever an electrically connected device is used. Otherwise, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a compatible and correctly connected, non-faulty phone charger is as inherently dangerous as is implied.

Besides, many cell phone users regularly make or receive calls while the phone is being charged with hundreds of millions of cell phones being used constantly around the world; any inherent danger of electrocution would have long since been discovered and publicized.

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