Family Suspects Plot To Kill Kogi Governor



The family of injured Governor Idris Wada of Kogi is suspicious that the auto crash that broke Mr. Wada’s leg, killed his security aide and injured two other state officials was masterminded by “unknown forces” to kill the governor.

“We have no doubt that the governor was the target of their machination,” a family source said. “They want to kill him. They want to eliminate him at all cost.”

The source, who preferred not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, repeatedly declined who to name those the family believe were behind the accident.

He only kept saying the accident was not ordinary.

He said it was curious that even though several vehicles were in the convoy, only the governor’s car was affected.

Even when reminded that only the governor’s car had a burst tyre, he said, “Yes, his car had a burst tyre and veered off the road. Why is it that the cars behind didn’t ram into him. Nothing happened to all the other cars in the convoy.”

The source went on to explain that the Kogi governor’s car is a bullet proof Lexus Jeep, and that an ordinary accident wouldn’t trigger the magnitude of impact the car suffered.

“It was a state-of-the art car and everything in it was bullet proof, the windscreen, the body and other parts. It was fortified against this kind of crash,” he added. “How come everything failed? It is now clear that the governor’s life is at risk.”

But when contacted, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media, Jacob Edi, said he was not aware that anybody was after the governor’s life.

He said although there might be some disgruntled politicians in Kogi State, he was not sure that anyone would go to the “ridiculous extent of trying to kill the governor”.

“All I know is that we were in a convoy and there was an accident,” Mr. Edi said. “I leave the rest of the decision to the police and the Federal Road Safety Commission.”

On Friday, along the Lokoja-Ajaokuta highway, Mr. Idris’ convoy got  involved in a fatal auto crash  that killed his security aide, Idris Mohammed, on the spot and injured two other officials.

Doctors at the Lokoja Specialist Hospital, where Mr. Wada first received treatment, said his leg is “totally broken.”

Mr. Wada was later rushed to Cedar Crest Hospital, a private clinic in Abuja, where he is receiving treatment.

Family sources said the Kogi governor might still be flown abroad if the hospital proved incapable of handling his case.

Source: Premium Times


  1. Nothing happens in Africa without seeing the hand of witches and wizzards in it! The governor’s family member is so educated to know that the vehicle is bullet proof but forgot that accident or burst tire is not the same as bullet! How I wish that these rulers will repair roads and agree to live like the citizens. I can’t imagine a reasonable leader asking his convoy to speed beyond the approved speed limit on any road! That’s the problem here…

  2. does bullet proof means accident proof for God’s sake. Lets jus get serious and pray for our leaders because i sense there’s a wave that intend to take lives of our leader in this country. Lets pray for rather than sit to talk about their defaults and weakeness.

  3. It is our leaders that need to pray for themselves and also repent bcos this might be a warning from Heaven telling them to stop looting, oppression of the massaes, election scams, living lavishly on the monies meant to improve the living standards of the people they are called to serve. They say the voice of the people is the voice of God, people are suffering seriously in Nigeria and have been praying fervently to God for help, so let all those called to lead be mindful of their ways!! A country this blessed and rich deserves better living standards! God is watching! And at the appropriate time He will by any means necessary redeem Nigeria.

  4. Captain! You have said it all. My prayer is that the man recovers fast so he can lead the campaign calling for the repairs of the Nation’s highways since even helicopters are no longer safe for them to fly’